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The marketing pitches for WELLNESS SELF CARE SEASON TO TREAT YOURSELF gifts...noticeably increased this year,

Makes sense -'me' gifting is BIG-as is eating healthier (US NEWS alert-Mediterranean and DASH topping the best diets list).

Even the recognizable tv chefs are dialing up the health. Gordon Ramsay's cookbook-lifestyle how tos  plus his collab with Royal Doulton -an everyday table top Maze Grill collection,
SALUT glass of wine -(daily or weekly) is in the mix of those winners...and as big bold (and pricey) California Cabernet popularity wanes - there are other more food centric red wines that match up, sip-wise-better with the healthier ethnic cuisines and savory palate pleasers-people prefer.

PORTUGAL's red wines are native grapes blends that have just the right amount of spice tones-dark berry lushness+ integrated tannins that balances out foods from around the world. Vinha Dis Deuses Reserva has the elegance of a wine costing more. Old vines -Touriga Franca grapes-from the acclaimed Douro wine growing region...recent release ( 2013) pictured...saw online for around $20-25.
Hydrate Well
Not exactly a stocking stuffer (but could be) Liquid IV is actually one of those powder form additives-that lives up to its founders' goal-tasty without artificial crap -and packed with nutrition essentials for sweaty workouts-before, during and after.
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Think cold weather outdoor sports don't merit a sports drink...? Try cross country skiing for an hour-or hockey/ice skating/and day on the slopes-snowshoeing-snowboarding etc-where the higher altitudes begs for more fluid intakes.

Additionally- we know more pedal to the medal weekend warriors that landed in ER because of too much water -robbing their bods' of essential electrolytes+sodium (Hyponatremia)...than lack of hydration. Tasty Liquid IV's low calorie ez dissolve powders can help partially alleviate over- hydration via plain water.

BONUS: Handy-packaged individually for travel ease.

The fruity flavors Acai Berry, Passion Fruit and what we've tried so far...the Lemon-Lime sweet/tart and light...inhale=able hydration enhances H2O on the go.
Impressively Liquid IV is non-GMO, has no artificial colors, flavors, sweetners or preservatives---but has exercise essentials -like the boosts from 110% of several B vitamins including energy help must B 12, 110% vitamin C and Panthothenic Acid plus electrolytes' cramp help potassium/sodium.

Added plus-Liquid IV is very helpful to add to fluids when beating out a cold/flu -seasonal realities that coincide with winter weather.