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Holiday Express Tips: Part 2

Better Snacking PDQ

Nick the hunger with tasty fun functional ingredients-plant based- ready to (h)eat ...

NEW: yummy Garden Lites new Frittatas are flavor loaded-with loads of accolades earned-like being mini muffin shape-portion controlled- individually wrapped-ready to devour-without utensils- after  only a minute (microwave) or maybe like 18-25 minutes-in a toaster or regular oven-straight out of the freezer.

6 per package...easy to stack up a few in the freezer for grabs and practically on the go snacking.

Delicious and appealing to kids-even with the adult pleasing flavors of mildly spiced veggie bacon and potato- or in a spinach  egg white + mozzarella version.
A few Garden Lite Frittatas  can be the main meal act- because it's so easy HA HA. Just heat up  a few... they're excellent entreés for hungry cooks with NO time.
NOTE: maybe not feline fare but kids will love the taste-on these RTE versions of a popular traditional Italian treat!
 Pictured  the Spinach/Egg White-with wholesome real ingredients--including fresh spinach (70 calories per).
The Veggie Bacon/Potato  version is more spiced up...80 calories per/5 grams protein, with cauliflower+onions-as well as veggie bacon (pinto beans' based-garlic enhanced)+potato.
Impressive-how heating this one up-with its mix of food textures-had just the right amount of heft-not soggy at fact-these frittatas could fool guests as being "freshly made"  without the hassle.

As snacks-or a main meal entrée ...trying Garden Lites Frittatas are a lot easier now that this brand is becoming widely available  in grocery store freezer sections-including where we shop -Tops Market ($4.19/box).

IMO: Heat up ahead of time-store in fridge and eat up at room temps-as in lunch box worthy.

Is there a plant based vegan protein salty (ish) puffy bites that are crispy addictive (as) without staining your fingers.



A better for you munch cure = whimsically packed Peatos  that gets the protein from Pulses aka pea, lentil and fava beans (4 grams/serving, 3 grams fiber +130 calories  per 1 ounce serving ).
FYI-their orange shade is not a synthetic color.

Texture is a big deal with crunchy snacks and these puffy style inhale-worthy crunchy treats deliver the airy mouth feel in three transportive flavors... Masala (popular sub Asian spicey hints typically of coriander, cardamon, cumin+fennel seeds plus here-there's garlic), Fiery Hot (tears free medium heat-imo--a smoky BBQ with def vinegar tang) and Chili Cheese (mild-medium hits of spice-with real cheese, garlic, onion, jalapeño pepper)--- and a Classic Cheese-not pictured- mild enough for spice avoiders-like small kids but has noticeable cheese (of course-but also subtle onions/garlic/paprika/turmeric)- with the same kind of crunch feel with each bite- as the other versions.

Other Peatos vegan kudos-the ingredients are non-GMO, with no artificial flavors or MSG and are gluten free .

Added Plus what's not to love about a publicity generating tagline (explainer 1 explainer 2)
Added Use-crush a bag's worth and sprinkle on top of salads, or casseroles for insta-crunchy fav green been one that's a T-day staple.

Available in 3 and 1 oz packets.

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