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Gifts of Love, Literally

Fidenza Village outlets deliver the message during Milan Fashion Week in leafy Brera area

NINA's handbags-LOVE THIS-fabulous snap shut clutch (seen at Spring preview). The sparkling beaded details are  exceptionally crafted-as are other glam purses-that are available now.
Great gifts-these statement making handbags are big enough for mobiles...priced $55- $65.

.Celebrate TRUE LOVE-Assam Teas's wedding blend
or-sip a bit of true love-English Tea teabags in a Royal Wedding tin-a collectible by AHMAD Tea

We start our morning java inhale with an Ellen Degeneres' Love Mug-by Royal Doulton-part of her collaboration of home decor Joy Gift sets that are utilitarian and cheerful. AND ONSALE NOW -from $24.99-$34.99
PS: sturdy too...don't recommend dropping anything on a hardwood floor-but our beloved cup of choice has survived gravity's pull.