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Gifts for Kids' Travel

oliday travel-can inspire wrapping up ready made gifts that safely go the distance.


Girl fav subscription box KIDPIK-
Holiday '18 -KidPik gift box

...takes the guesswork out of gifting coordinated (and stylish) wardrobes including these adorable easy on/off cold weather boots-with enough sparkle for the picky fashionista...and durable enough for the sporty type -ready to have days of snowy winter fun.

Fav colors and cute design patterns-on these function/fashion stretchy lanyard smartphone holders-to wear around kids' necks...ensures one less thing can get lost en route. Made of germ inhibitor silicone by Gear Beast-these patented accessories fit on  most sizes of all mobiles s -up to 6.75 x 3.78 inches. Other mobile accessories include another version that doubles as a wallet with slots for cards. 

Sizes -2.0 or 2,5 cm nylon necklace-with a detachable clip. Pictured-the Smartphone Lanyard w/ card pocket

Travelbadger offers a slew of TSA approved toiletries and pre-packed fun options for kids (and older humans)...set for airplane or car ride holiday trips ."...easy peasy packing..".

Options include themed Travelbadger kits-for "kiddos" and baby's ($14.99-$19.99) and natural-organic product kits too ($24.99-$29.99)-plus kits are customizable. IMO-great for hospital visits-stash in cars or backpacks-in case,,,