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Fancy Food Show Trends-Glam Soda+

Part 7

Health nuts can get their fizz on...with better for you versions of carbonated drinks-plus some unusual drink additions that are interesting.

Reed's Inc Virgil's 12 oz canned sodas are a new addition to the company's familiar glass bottles of Ginger beer.  Zero sugar however-bonus for calorie watchers---these tasty sodas are made with stevia. We tried the root beer-it was authentically terrific-ice cold. Non-GMO, NO preservatives, gluten, aspartame or Sucralose.  Comes in glass bottles too-what we prefer, actually. Widely available-in five flavors. 

AFRI Cola hails from Germany...and probably could be endurance racers' BFF-with its caffeine levels that out jolts, JOLT-but has less than energy drinks like Red Bull Monster... Made with real deal sugar and available in glass bottles. If only ... apparently this sip is available here again---in about 1000 retailers.
DRY SODA-USDA Organic, NON-GMO-natural flavors of carbonated sodas are  now available with zero sugar in four bold flavors, sweetened with stevia. Refreshing- the one we tried-Mountain Berry-ia as yummy enjoyable sparkling beverage as any we've tried. In Mountain Berry. Island Fruit, Cola, and Peach Tea. Gluten free and Kosher too.
B4 is a carbonated drink beefed up big time-with vitamins Bs , Niacin, Zinc-and a proprietary blend of other wanted supplements-electrolytes, minerals +anti-oxidants- we see on the ingredient list in typical protein powders. (see the picture below). B4 is-sweetened with sucralose-no caffeine- -with 40 calories a can and is targeting those who will over-indulge in booze (B4 - get it?)-and /or as helpful for those hangovers. From Sunshine Supplements in Florida. $4.99 a can-it's available in liquor stores and regular one's depending on the state...we had an entire discussion with the brand rep about this. 

the 411-B4
the incubator 'alley' at the Fancy Food Show-got loads of buzz...which is where we saw Bauman's Best Botanicals. FYI-Shrub is a drinking vinegar hailing from colonial days as a way to keep fresh drinking water fresh. This company makes shrubs in five add to recipes, cocktails or to swig on it's own-like apple cider vinegar. Available online-and in Boston area markets, for now. Kudos to nice labels/bottling. $10

another incubator alley product-Portland, Oregon based-EGGURT cultured egg white drinks...are  high in protein- sweet, slightly frothy sips (we tried the strawberry) --- made from, as labeled- pasteurized EGG WHITES (about 5 -per)...which kinda freaked us out. Dairy, gluten and soy free-it aims to replace those yogurt drinks...  delivering probiotics. Each bottle has 160 calories/16 grams of protein but-a lot of added sugars-19 grams (imo).
 Interesting, indeed
we read this drink is developed by Shunsuke Ishida-as we got there at the end of the show...and  the exhibit area was devoid of humans.

AND Super Bowls... 

There were so many prepared meals...(just heat kind, add water and 'nuke, freezer only, shelf stable-beyond soup/pasta mixes of 'yore...etc) for snacking, and meals- it was overwhelming.
Bottom line -expect your local grocery store to  clear shelf space-cold or not-for a slew of these less densely ingredient(ed)  21st century Hungry Man 'TV Dinners."