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New Plant Based 'Dairy' -Will Win Converts

Plant based protein yogurt, milk, creamers and ice cream are super popular...and it's not just the clean labels, ethics, and/or the more functional ingredients---it's the taste!!!!
Not surprisingly-our fav products come courtesy of smaller -innovative companies.
 A few Halo / Half N' Half slayers from the recent Fancy Food Show/Consumer Products Events:
WOWWEEEEEE! Organic Nectars Cashewtopia-hand made in a Hudson River  town...just floored us! In a good way. This delicious creamy USDA Organic, Vegan +Kosher- plant based gelato w/ cashew nut milk as the 'dairy' stand-in-is dairy free+ gluten free. No worries tho'-the rich decadent spoon licking flavor we tried...chocolate hazelnut-is sweet enough-(organic agaveLight, organic coconut palm sugar) w/ real deal chunks of chocolate +hazelnuts. IMO-will convince even the skeptical that a better for you ice cream sub-tastes better too. We should of asked for more samples. That good. Available in Whole Foods-and most likely-more supermarket chains are stocking it soon.  


Califia Farms introduced new creamy Probiotic Dairy Free-Yogurt Drinks-comes mixed with fruit-plain, plain/and plain-unsweetened. The almond-coconut base-which we find is creamier and richer tasting than plain ole' almond milk in general-has 10 billion, live active CFUs (BB-12). Non-dairy, non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, Kosher and yay-free of carrageenan (intestinal inflammatory?)-a no want food additive often found in competitor 'healthy' versions of yogurt drinks and ice cream.

Califia Better Half Coconut Cream and Almond Milk-carrageenan and soy free-is part of our morning java routine (unsweetened)-pretty much since they came on the market. Creamy-have same texture as the dairy one-and tastes adjustment needed. Why is it better-well? No trans fat and less saturated fat than half n half regular-and unsweetened does not have the sugar, either. Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher 
Shelf stable NUTPODS creamers-dairy, soy gluten FREE, vegan-plant based, non-GMO, carrageenan free-gets its taste/texture from coconut cream + almonds. A truly worthy half n'half slayer-plus it has no cholesterol or sugar and is lower in carbs (original flavor that we tried) than the dairy version. Widely available-online and in stores. Refrigerated versions are coming out. NOTE-one can enlighten cocktail hour with these plant-based milk subs---on the website-we found recipes that def. tempt!!!

SUJA's Plant Protein Milk= a breakthrough, ingredient wise-for tasty non-dairy Plant Protein Milk (the Milk part pending FDA -lawsuits). Rich and creamy and with a decent amount of protein per serving (8 grams)...this USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Cold Pressure protected (meaning high pressure-not high heat used to nutritional benefits aren't killed off +shelf life is extended) ---is made up of pea protein, sunflower seed butter, and flax seeds...conjured up by a scientist (we asked...). more fiber+50% less sugar than dairy milk-plus-it's NUT FREE. The chocolate version we sipped at the Fancy Food Show (the booth was MOBBED btw)-reminded us Nestle's Quik -but better -nutrition wise- less sugar too-and a bit creamier....and the Original version tastes so much like real deal milk-but also tad richer/ creamier-that when we brought it to a weekend house-with a shared refrigerator-all the residing Brits and India natives- who put milk in their tea (PK Tips Black Tea, naturally)...used our entire bottle of SUJA Original straight up. THANKS ha ha.
We expect Suja Plant Protein Milk to be widely available...The Coca Cola Company-has smartly (imo) made a minority investment...and they are distribution channel heavies.
FYI  Suja's drinking vinegars and Kombucha are already out there.

Mooala Bananamilk-is USDA Organic and also Dairy and Nut Free-comes in Original-made from pureed bananas (mixed with roasted sunflower seed butter) with a "dash of cinnamon and salt" with no added sugared clocking in at 60 calories/serving. With the consistency of  2% dairy milk...the chocolate version tastes yummy-straight out of the bottle. Gluten and carrageenan free too---and non-GMO. Widely available include chains like Whole Foods, Stop N' Shop and Costco.

Harmless Harvest Coconut Waters have some company with the non-dairy Probiotic Yogurt drinks. USDA Organic, the sips come in Original and authentic fruit combos like organic Blueberry & Acai and Mangos+Acerolas (Superfood pairings-for vitamins/anti-oxidants). Most of the ingredients (98%)-are Fair Trade certified plus the drinks are made from more of the whole edible coconut-a big positive step towards Zero Waste goals. Contains coconut meat, coconut water sourced from Thailand and processed without formaldehyde or preserving agents (yikes-who does that, we wonder) , organic cane sugar ..and 12.5 billion CFUs active live cultures. The bottles are made of recyclable plastic PET, Very cool company MO (IMO) :-)