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French Condiments: World Class Tastes


French mustards and salts are probably the most popular of that World Cup powerhouse offerings...besides a football team with players ready for the world stage (too).
Some favs from the recent Fancy Food Show:

Moutarde Pommery à l'Ancienne ---Meaux Mustard- Pommery-founded in 1949. We had the grainy signature crock packaged mustard -with a wax top- in our kitchen pantry growing up-been in the USA for awhile...other truly delicious flavors from mild-to medium...including new fruit added blends-(cranberries on the left, figs on the right)-which we think could add pop of flavor to BBQ-grilled anything. Once Canada slaps on retaliatory tariffs on a certain USA brand of mustard-we think...price of this French gourmet brand-will be similar-and will be an easy replacement. AND-the ancient Romans 'shared' their cultivation of this ancient spice-with the Gauls...but many believe it was really the French town of Dijon-back in 1382 -under the rule of the Duke of Burgundy-made mustard a French staple.

LOVE this-Moutarde Royale...has real deal 'perfume' cognac-adds flavor-not overwhelms it. 

great house gift---a trio of best sellers-if you can find here

Our French is less than stellar-but we did understand thatches transporting delicious MAISON FONDEE EN par Alexandre BORNIBUS Moutarde (mustards)---are not available here yet-but sell in France at tourist -Paris must-department store- Les Printemps. Up until the 1970's-was actually made in a Parisian factory since its founding back in 1861.
honestly we could have eaten the whole (half  at least-really) of this Moutarde À L'Ancienne-grains are satisfying crunchy....authentic taste vs what passes for mustard at our nearby ballparks...

LA BALEINE-sea salt with lower sodium tastes similar to their popular 'regular' sea salt. Widely available here.

The Spice Lab: French Grey...imported from Gugrande, France....believe it or not-there is a big difference in salt tastes-depending on the source. Watery areas of north west France-yield some of the finest salts available. Pictured- Fine but also available in coarse texture.