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Food Trends: Part 2-Rice Is Nice :-)

Fancy Food Show 2018
Part 2

A world staple-rice-comes in many varieties. As a headline ingredient -several new products used versions of...with tempting results.

Rice Is Nice
Lundberg-USDA Organic rice cake in plastic sleeves -are sold everywhere we shop. Now-their Grounded Snacks-are a smart (and tasty crispy)additions using some of the tons of rice  grown on their farm lands. We tried one-the  French Onion - a flavor in the line of  USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Red Rice & Quinoa Tortilla Chips. FYI-tastes reminds of tangy sour cream onion dips....which makes sense given the ingredients. Eat straight outta the bag,..12 chips+140 calories. Certified Non-GMO

Lundberg also served up these more cracker, crackers USDA Organic Thin winning flavors-in boxes. Non-GMO, Kosher and gluten free...we think no dips, cheeses or added toppings needed-flavorful enough to eat alone.
our fav-Himalayan Sea Salt. Addictive.

Boulder Canyon Authentic Foods Non GMO verified chips-which should be easily available now that they are part of the UTZ Quality Foods. ..has added Rice Bran their collection of finger lickin' delish-thin, crisp potato chips. Apparently rice bran oil-which we saw for sale in gallon jugs -at the Fancy Food Show-is less absorbed by foods- when frying in it...vs other oils like coconut, avocado, olive oil etc. Interesting. No flavor-imo imparted-it's mild tasting-and of course-these chips-like all they other Boulder Canyon chips selections-are heaven.
FYI-calorie counts are the same.
Boulder Canyon Rice Bran Oil-multiple flavors-missing fragrant teriyaki ginger...which was our second fav...not overwhelming...crispy and authentic. Just like the name.
we wrote up Sonoma Brand's  SMASHmallow 'gourmet' marshmallows-from the last show...this go round -they've put forth very tasty adult worthy versions of the a kids' retro fav--actually the first 'cake' dessert we ever  made- from Rice Krispies and Kraft marshmallows... called SmashCrispy ™-launched in November 2017.
Handy-packed in individual snack size-we'd  say the mouth feel is the same-crispy chewy-gooey as the ones we  made in our youth. Jump to the 21st century-SmashCrisps-deliver tempting ingredient combos like strawberry and cream (pictured), cinnamon churro and mint chocolate chip-with teeny tiny chocolate chips. Not big cooks...we'd just as soon skip the clean up-and buy these.
Rice crackers have replaced potato chips and wheat flour based crackers/chips as a lower calorie-gluten-free addictive crunchy snack. ..less greasy-non-GMO, low in saturated fat-0 trans fat-etc but with texture/taste-imo just as satisfying when craving for carb-ed crispy nibbles. Several companies make this Japan export now. Pictured- Hot Kid made from organic Japonica rice. Widely available-Amazon, Walmart, Sam's Club...
THE brand we buy-SAN-J (USA friendly name for a Japanese company family founded in 1804!!!!)---are gluten-free, Non-GMO, gluten free rice crackers-with salty tamari sauce (a company signature)-in its crispy yummy baked brown rice crackers. Widely available.
Jayone is a South Korean company-founded in 2000-that has over 1000 products-including Sea's Gift seaweed and Jayone rice cracker snacks we've seen for sale at our local H-Mart, At the show we saw these thin crispy Roasted Black Rice cracker snacks-with almond and pumpkin seed as added flavor and texture. AND NO MSG. Really good...we're sure other groceries will pick these up.

There were just dozens of new shelf stable or refrigerate/freeze ready to eat -no prep food bowls at the Fancy Food Shows...including Reese Harvest Bowls-in a Wild Rice  option...from a company we know for its artichoke hearts + hearts of palms! We haven't tried---but ingredient wise-tomatoes, cooked white rice, corn, wild rice, black beans (6 grams of protein),  apples and spices-serve up 340 calories.

New Zealand's Propolis and Manuka Honey...soothing-throat tickler cure- lemon honey lozenges are made with Organic Brown Rice Syrup. Widely available online---

A bunch of companies are serving up "RICED VEGGIES" including one of America's original CPG's name-Green Giant with their  new Little Green Sprout's Organics -USDA Organic, gluten free-all veggies-no sauce. A great addition. Calorie saver and nutritional. FYI-Little Green Sprout-is a nostalgic play-as we found out- this brand mascot was introduced when the 'Jolly' Green Giant - commercials-by ad giant Leo Burnett- aired back in September 1972 (we got the 411 online). Of course now-Sprout has an Instagram account LOL.