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Fancy Food Trends-Packaging=Looks Matter

Part 5

Clever, catchy and an eco  sourced materials for packaging can grab those consumer eyeballs.


Icy cold Coconut Water is so tasty refreshing...and this coconut packaging container-by Thailand's  Pearl Royal- transports us to the source-in a manner of speaking...with  a neat string rope to close/open the top that wins our top pick for cool packaging. It comes with a tiny plastic straw-too-that imo-should be replaced with a paper one. 

can see from up top-Pearl River...the string opens and closes the tiny opening-sized perfectly- that accesses the delish coconut water...where the straw goes. Nifty!

CUTEEEE! the ginger people-mascot is a big cuddly looking ginger root that has teddy bear appeal for all ages. Found on  2 labels for  yummy sweet-savory toppings that appeal to the young+old. The USDA Organic Syrup is an aromatic syrup-saturate morning pancakes-or add a tbsp or two -to Southern style BBQ sauces. The USDA Organic Ginger Spread-is that hybrid of jam and decidedly gooey sweet Nutella-paste-like-great as a toast topper... but with the healthier pops of savory sweet  ginger in the mix. We can see this atop steamed veggies-like carrots -too. Both are non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free. 

. STRAIGHT UP TEA-smartly labels the sweet level directly...sorta sweet, sweet (via sugar), and black line=up. Also offered-honey green and naturally sweetish rooibos teas too. No artificial anything.
The glass bottle shape-kinda reminded us of bourbon booze bottles (appropriate given the Iwashi whisky barrel aged fish sauce)...and the beautiful labels...really caught our eyeballs. HAKU Iwashi Fish Sauce-is first aged 2 years-then spends an extra 12 months in a whisky barrel...with a fatty anchovy robust flavor. We tasted the Smoked Shoyu-imo-really has multiple layers-bold-with umami hints-that we love. It's also aged and then cold smoked using Mizunara-a Japanese hard oak wood.  We didn't try the Sakura Cherry Blossom Shoyu-it's cherry blossoms dipped in red shiso vinegar brine and added to aging barrels of white shiso-for a year. We bet all of these would add appealing flavors to braised+steamed fish, and even adding pop to dipping sauces.
ALL=Available on Amazon, iGourmet...etc
Rustic Bakery Twinkles-limited edition -for the holidays-from this super popular CA based bunch of bakeries.

Mason Jar Cookie Company kid inspired-cookie mixes

 Cookies+bake yourself cookie mixes- in glass mason jars.
The Spice Lab's The Secret Pantry -Healing Spices-are carefully curated functional spices-like anti-inflammatory curcumin loaded turmeric-- that come in handsome glass bottles holding up to 4 oz. Potent flavors-shelf stable up to 3 years at least.
USDA Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey Tonic FIRE CIDER-dark glass bottles with a fun a fiery onion, garlic, honey, horseradish, ginger, peppers, oranges, lemon and turmeric mash-up...with healthy apple cider. An acquired bold spicy sweet-hot taste-but- supposed  have a tbsp or so a day-not a glass. Pictured-the 8oz bottles.
these plastic bottle From Japan Gold USA USDA Organic Umami Puree is handy-shelf stable-made from organic shoyu, organic rice, water and organic ginger (on the left) +hot organic Togarashi pepper (on the right)

Japan Gold USA-Smart Miso...assorted flavors of this staple broth, seasoning, marinade similar handy plastic squeeze bottles.