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Fancy Food Show Trends: Puffed-Up

Part 4

Indie brands as well as the CPG giants-are re-discovering the fun airy crunchy puff-a winning -lighter texture now in real deal variety of flavors.


Puffs-The Eating Kind
Pirate's Booty- Aged White Cheddar-cheesy baked bites made with cornmeal/rice flour, cheddar cheese, buttermilk, sea salt in the mix- w/o the weird the weird greasy orange stained fingers of our youth. HAAA. Delicious-even our cat leaned in for some-Non-GMO, gluten free and Kosher too.

Coincidentally-Vegan Rob's was founded by the founder of the aforementioned Pirate's Booty (now owned by B&G Foods)- had snack size bags of puffs made from more exotic plant based origins-like Jackfruit and Moringa, as well as cauliflower, brussel sprouts, beets cheddar  and--- Probiotic loaded, but spicy- Dragon Puffs-that ALL found ready grabbers at the show. .Gluten-free, Vegan, Kosher...and zero trans fat. Crunchy -airy-and delicious-organic whole grain sorghum flour and organic sunflower oil...are main ingredients in the Jackfruit Puffs-seasoned well with jackfruit powder, sea salt and turmeric. Some flavors are widely available-but if you want them by the case-trust us-they won't last as long as you think-buy them on the company website. 
We really liked these Snak-King Corp. peanut butter creamy coated good- Nutibles-Puffs..."Baked Corn Putty"-Non-GMO+ gluten-free, Kosher-plus  with meaningful protein- 5 grams (2 more than other puffs)- plus calcium + potassium-150 calories per ounce.  Available-in 8 packs- online-company website 

PEELED SNACKS Puffs -USDA Organic...baked organic pea puffs...come in 3 flavors now. We like the Sea Salt + Aged Parmesan-pictured- gluten free, Non-Gmo...and with enough nutrition=1 ½ cups of veggies. Like the original snacks that wowed buyers at this show years ago-no corn, potato in the mix-but organic peas and brown rice-are.
Snikiddy Baked (corn) Puffs USDA Organic-in grilled cheese and mac n' cheese (not pictured)-def targeting those fans of the American classics.  Certified gluten -free, Non-GMO, and vegetarian...made from organic corn and organic cheddar cheese-flavored with sea salt and hint of paprika. Yummy. Widely available.