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Celebratory English- July 4th Food!

The former Colonies-celebrating America's freedom from the jolly Brits-is all about the BBQs. 

But why not-go celebrate their World Cup team...with eats heralding English eccentricity, the recent Royal Wedding, and unique UK tastes (and contributions).

Highlights from the Fancy Food Show 2018
It's always tea o'clock ---YAY!!!!
traditional LAKELAND Bake crumpets-think a merge of EnglishMuffins with a muffin...yummy when toasted and slathered with jam...and clotted cream. FYI-the CO2 shortage has Brits in all twisty knotted knickers...but this company's MO "CARRY ON.." so no worries. 

With it's distinct Scottish tartan packaging-WALKERS indulgent, butter rich shortbreads-stormed these shores years ago...adding gluten free and flavorful options recently -to their traditional shortbread selection. Not cloyingly sweet either...the salted caramel and Belgium chocolate chunk version-is seriously packed with creamy pieces-great for dipping in a hot  cuppa. Widely available. Vegetarian+Kosher, non-GMO, made from real deal ingredients...that comes through in the first bite.

Shelf stable Buchanan's Scottish Clotted Cream Fudge-takes that creamy thick rich dairy product-kinda a hybrid of heavy cream/butter-hence spreadable-that's distinctly  Brit=into chewy sweet, caramel-like melt mouth Fudge. Widely available in the former Colonies including Amazon, Walmart, Jet, Wegman's. FYI-apprently this company is Scotland's biggest confectionary maker.

TA-DAH...ROYAL Wedding fever-still burning? No invite? Missed the endless coverage? Load up on limited edition, commemorative items-including these Ahmad tea tins. YES these have teabags inside -but it's the outside- emblazoned with official Royal Wedding portraits that's the main selling point. Somehow...we doubt JAVANKA- Trump Inc...could ever get away with this, mercifully. But hey, ya never know. Ahmad Teas

cheeky graphics and 'tude-we loved the SAVOURSMITHS other flavours-(Desert Salt and Truffles+Rosemary-yummy). These English version of what we call potato chips...are imo slightly thinner and more greasy licking' good than the latest USA chips we've inhaled...made from hand-picked British potatoes. As non-meat eaters tho... we just gave a courtesy curtsey (practicing for our meet/greet with the the Queen/King in our next life)--- to WAGYU Beef and Honey Mustard...(high end version -Japanese beef-sweet  honey mustard).
Gluten free, no MSG or artificial ingredients. Not really sold in the USA yet-we bet that changes after this tradeshow,

POTATO  CRISPS-we've noticed bacon +heated spicy versions (chips) all over the lower 48 plus 2-but across the POND-gourmet flavors of-real deal meat flavors-are definitely "a Brit thing."

great packaging-"Tastier Than The CAT'S MIAOW"---ahhh-that's how it's spelled in translation
Glens of Antrim Crisps- in Roast Beef and Mustard...gets the traditional makeover in thick(ish) cut crisps. Not pictured-the Irish Whiskey flavour. And yes, Google auto spell check tried to annihilate  the added 'u's' in the King's English.