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For Life On The Go-The Best Summer Shoes

ALTRA +  NINA Footwear

Life on the go-travelling for pleasure or purpose (like destination weddings)...

For footwear...two picks for minimal packers.

Hands (feet) down-trail or well made road running shoes are the best multi-tasking one and done shoe for travelers traveling light!

For comfy supported running-day hiking or walking hard or soft (ish) surfaces like city cement-quaint cobblestone byways, or dirt trails...our fav-no drop specialists ALTRA-offers up popular shades of their woven mesh uppers- and super super light weight-high traction styles-for S/S 2018!

ALTRA-"zero limits"...just about true! Available now in summery shades (pictured above/below-are Fall'18) men's and women's specific last women's Escalante-lightweight and with the brand's distinguished wide toe box for toe splayers, Engineered knit uppers -shaped perfectly for a  sock-like fit w/ a performance last with the new  Altra Ego™midsole and decoupled heel-plus the forefoot and heel are on the same level-helps with low impact landing when kicking up  the gait on runs. Noticeable difference. Footpod™ Technology outsole-aligns with bones +tendons of feet-for natural ride with energy return too. Altr'as original claim to fame -trail running selections are also great choices.

NINA NINON-fancy fringe trim...with beaded shots of gold-adds sparkle to these thoroughly comfy sandals...elegant enough for formal occasions-yet the solid lower(ish) heel allows for hours of wear. We also like how the silver or black insole lining behind the toes-amps up background for pretty summer pedicures. Great option for travel-where nights  out (daytime too)- require a bit or a lot of dressing up. Both the silver or black-match up well-with wardrobe options in  prints or solid shades...
FYI-pack up kicks in Eagle Creek's practically legendary packing organizer's Packing Cube-shoe size specific. ones available-as are extra multi-tasking sizes.