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The Protein Snacks of Summer

Packin' The Protein - From Crunchy Savory Sweet to Thirst Quenching

worthy indulgent subs for the nutrition free-but calorie loaded alternatives  
Crackers that needs no company=Norway's Jarlsberg Cheese Crisps (mild nuttyish-cow's milk cheese added to semolina flour crisps)...crunchy snacks with the added protein pop of 5 grams per 120 calorie serving. Available in re-sealable bags-but why bother---shareable with all. We tried the mildly spiced up chipotle pepper flavor-adds interest and a tad heat. 
Crunchmaster mashes up the nutrition rich dessert cracker thins category-or invents it with these protein plus crisp sweetish snacks that get added plant based protein mixed in (8 grams per serving). Delicious and devour able...soon available in "Thin' favs Dark Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Cherry-or Milk Chocolate versions (8 grams plant based per serving), and cracker flavors- real deal Toasted Coconut (5 grams plant based protein/serving)- joining BBQ, roasted garlic and sea salt.
Gluten free, kosher, vegan, non-GMO and free of artificial flavors/colors... plus 17 whole grain grams serving/130 calorie.

our fav...exotic chai-w/luscious chocolate.
Saffron Road roasted crunchy chickpeas- salty snacks take their delicious texture satisfying crunchiness and laden on rich Fair Trade sourced dark chocolate-straight up or chai spiced, and sweet vanilla inflected salty caramel-or roasted honey coatings.
Each are truly yummy-and imo-appeal to younger kids who might not like spicier versions of these bites.
All treats, available in re-sealable bags- are naturally protein packed (3-4 grams protein/130 calories serving) - gluten free, non-GMO, certified Halal, Kosher-and somewhat filling too-great option to snack on between meals when wanting to curb hunger pains. Widely available...

As one can see-IRL chickpeas look just like the picture on the package!

Honey Roasted-with honey+sea salt
The 411...Chocolate version-is a inhale-able sweet salty mix-up

  • Rachel Pauls Foods are low FODMAP...gluten free, non-GMO-meaning non irritating for those plagued by certain sensitivity GI issues. The HAPPY BARS-protein (8 grams) ...come in 5 appealing flavors-but the Orange Chocolate Ecstasy=our personal fav! Good for snacks...or in our case-post workout help when we're too lazy for anything else...this particular flavor is a teeny tiny tad fragrant spicy-citrus with semi-sweet chocolate chips, whole grain brown rice protein, almonds, organic oats, organic flax seed -vanilla, salt, & orange oil in the mix. 
Protein2O, -thirst quenching -fruity tasting pumped up water-reminded us of now sold everywhere low calorie BAI-which we also tasted (first) at a media event-and figured some big company would eventually takeover (and did- Dr. Pepper Snapple ). Ditto here. For thirsty consumers wanting more than a water based anti-oxidants blast-and worthy alternative to high calorie smoothies...these unique whey protein isolate added waters-deliver only 60 calories-AND 15 grams of protein per bottle-AND with natural flavors too. (Sweetened up with sucralose-which is what Splenda is).
The 9 flavors lean Peach Mango, Acai Blueberry Pomegranate, Dragonfruit Blackberry, Kawaiola Coconut-as well as-Classic Lemonade, Mixed Berry, and Tropical Coconut. Sam's Club, Target,  carries it as well as Walmart, CVS-Rite-Aid stores,