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Next Year's Beauty+Skin Savers...

Plus Home Scent Inspirations...

Part 3

Some Themes from NYSCC Suppliers Day(s)

Sustainable Sourcing-Of Nature

Akin to the food industry-consumer demands for supply chain transparency, fair labor wages + eliminating child labor, earth concerns and production realities on the finite supplies from Mother Nature (aka major CPG cocoa sourcing initiatives )...

KUNCAI-conjures up a synthetic MICA for "effect pigment end use" vs destroying the earth (Brazil, India) and lives by mining for it-to supply shiny metallics for industries varying from cosmetics (mica-pearlescence qualities- is a staple ingredient in 'natural'mineral based makeup)--to automobile industry's car paints. That big crystal looking MICA is synthetic!!!!  
Many companies-claimed ethical sourcing pictured above, Sudarshan   Ironic that mineral makeup which is booming demand-for its natural composition...can be sourced toxically-tragically, fatally. 

Essential Oils and Natural Alternatives to Silicone, PEG, Parabens are in great demand....

all ready for some make-up/cosmetic/beauty brand to slap their own label on it...Jarplex™ Mur by JarChem -funny enough-had products we use-to demonstrate its all natural pink makeup removers effectiveness.. FYI-didn't leave much of an oily finish-quickly absorbed-we think this product would be awesome for single use-on-the go-makeup touch up purposes as well as wiping the whole face off and calling it a day (night).
Naturex's NAT oleis™botanical oils (used in its new moisturizing Hydranellys-using extract from Chinese medicinal plant Selaginella pulvinata) ...and Protection Botanical's floViva essentials oils-(fyi- essential oils are derived from a distillation process from underlying plant etc)...saw loads of attendee interest. Both companies stressed high quality-traceability and sustainable sourcing .

Shea and cocoa butter-as is or as a base for=STILL super popular moisturizers in skin and hair care.
press a push button-and a billowing puff of scented 'smoke' was emitted from each trophy displayed creature...

 Orchidia's "story-telling through fragrance" inspiration for exotic blends imo-destined for home scents...are mythical creatures-def. go beyond Puff The Magic Dragon--including the Hungarian Horntail-of Harry Potter fame.

Beowolf fragrance -Silk Road spices-smoky-woodsy -with lavender

Science+Efficacy Re-Interpret Nature's Offerings for Multi-Taskers
There were many many many-ingredient launches at NYSCC Supplier Day(s)- multi taskers with potential personalization qualities. We focused on skincare and hair anti agers-aimed at encouraging healthy microbiota of skin, free radical control, stimulating new cells for youthful skin-combating effects of pollution, stress, unhealthy lifestyles-diets, disruptions of biologic clock -a few companies cited Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine-that recognized the molecular mechanisms controlling circadian rhythm of (2017) etc.

Intrigued us:
New Patented ingredients by...
--- Lucas Meyer Cosmetics GREYVERSE contains the first anti-gray hair biometric peptide
 ---a bunch of new-matched up bioactives, skincare peptides-prevention and repair formulations-by many companies...including Replexium-BASF,  Sytheon Ltd. and Tego Pep Up by Evonik (we tried-they had a bunch of cool travel size samples)
---a worthy sub for Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers????-Topically applied PrimalHyal™  Ultrafiller by Givaudan-penetrates down to the skin's second layer (epidermis) reducing the appearance of wrinkles in 1-6 hours-apparently for months.
AND---totally <3 p="" this...="">
FUUUNNNN! CRODA Moonshine Effects Pigments-"...for cosmetic creations out of this world"---wide range of bold colors to be blended into cosmetics and hair dye formulas...their staff in fact rocked the potential with  Astral Effect and Effect Series shimmery-sparkly steaks in tresses.