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Yup-even the hair brush-born over a millennium plus ago-gets a re-boot with a fab scalp hugging curve design for a better untangling of wet or dry tresses.

Available online. and at salons-including co-leading light- Angelo David (Pisacreta) Salon -created with Jacob Guttman of Creative Tools 
Affordable+ re-usable for stressed out-environmentally harassed scalps-now delivered---The FLEX BRUSH promotes healthy hair growth with its cool curved shape that massages all sizes of scalps, and takes the knots out of all hair types -from the fine to thick- real or otherwise (like wigs, RHO...worthy extensions, etc).
PLUS the super lightweight, vented design- enhances air flow from blow dryers.
Also a great tool for dry brushing imo-...helps shed dry skin cells to smooth+brighten- and reportedly improve the body's lymphatic systems...and is perfect pet brush for shedding felines/canines.