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Older generations' VW mini-bus adventures, Airstreams' upscale digs... and collegiate low budget New Zealand travels-in camper rentals...all lend some retro flavor for today's millennial plus (ers) who NOW demand tricked out vans  - that rival functional RVs---as THE vehicle of choice.
Bonus- smaller parking spaces!
What gets packed -and what gets built in - are all multi-tasking -well made, durable objects making life on the road -a desirable way to go.

Part One:

Aluminum Portable Products-by YETI, PK GRILLS

Cooler ruler YETI introduces a new HORDO BASE CAMP CHAIR $299...that even interior design mavens will LOVE. These are a bit heftier, weight wise-than typical camp/trek chairs...but are way more rugged solid...and comfy. Note-the breathable mesh w/ GRIDGUARD™MOLD for no-sag,  edge to edge comfort- is just like the upscale Herman Miller Aero Chairs-and wow-can support up to 500lbs. Solid cast joints + double barrel  aluminum frame fold up flat too for ez storage (see pic below)-including nice touch... built in Hauler Handle in the frame=ez carry.

Portable outdoor kitchens requires a grill that can last and heat up all 360 sq inches- JUST right (fast-for grilling..steady+.slow for BBQ). US-we're a tad obsessed with the new PK 360 Grill and Smoker Capsule by PK Grills ($599.99)-a made in the USA retro chic item-from a company inspired by (re) discovering an original PK- at a yard sale. NOW fabulously updated for use in the 21st century...with heavy duty aluminum construction, efficient cook chamber w/ 4 way venting assures any ash (lower charcoal grate made from marine grade stainless steel)- doesn't mess with the the air flow and easy 2-zone set-up. Lock release hinges, rear stabilizer hooks and-critically-a super easy detach -from the stand-for ez hauling,..makes this grill/smoker-an ideal affordable glampfire 'stove' very travel worthy.