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Probiotics: Skin/Hair Help

The beauty + haircare brands with nutraceuticals-aka supplements- acknowledges 'you are what you eat.' Inside and out-skin deep, plus.

One trending area-pre and probiotics...the former to nourish the latter.
For topical applications...there's enough scientific evidence that  helpful ingredients providing microbiota solutions for many skin concerns -from oily-acne to dry-sensitive conditions, work.

Easy FAST though- get natural benefits of probiotics-from a make it yourself masque.

Mix up  USDA Organic yogurt (2 tbsps-'fattier' the better)-blessed w/ cell renewing lactic acid +active cultures---with pure honey (a natural sterilizing healer-like Wedderspoon Manuka Honey-1 tbsp)---and apply on for about ten minutes, before washing off.

Insta-brightner that works for most skin types.

Hair wise- for a moisturizing-cleansing masque-for locks- double the aforementioned ingredients-and add tbsps of coconut oil (olive, safflower, sunflower seed or sea buckthorn oils would be okay too)...and slap on  hair for about 20 minutes...before rinsing out thoroughly.