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HAIR TRENDS: Rainbow Hues

 IECSC N.Y. Tradeshow-Javits Center

Besides ear-splitting backbeats, we can always count on the latest hair trends-and the companies that make the products to get the looks-to show up at the annual March hair+spa- jam packed with humans, tradeshow.
Noticeable-multi-hues-multi-strands + barbershop artistic hair styles-unisex and multi-cultural neck-up statements.
MANIC PANIC-founded by club legends Tish+Snooky...Manic Panic serves up professional worthy, semi-permanent hair colors and saturated shades of highly pigmented make-up for do-it-yourselfers. Pictured above-mermaid worthy hair that makes a statement. AND yes, copious amounts of hair spray needed too.
-Manic Panic mixes it up- on the right-bleach hair starting point for true rainbow shading
Rainbow lovely locks---ramp up single saturated shades -a harkening back to 1980's London punchy punk scene that celebrates all genders/types of hair. FFFUUUUUNNNN!!!!

TO KEEP TRUE COLORS trust-worthy:
Sulfate free, rich ingredients' hair care products are musts. IMO-the best of the bunch- are usually made by smaller, still privately owned, cruelty free (no animal testing) hair care companies who don't compromise on ingredients in order to churn out stock market-like profit margins.

New to us...

Keratin Complex®...refs the building blocks of gorgeous tresses in their name...and accordingly, have a slew of widely available. color supporting products that nurture luscious locks of kinds. 
FYI: Free From sulfates, sodium chloride (a keratin treatment killer fyi-and an unfortunate ingredient in a slew of high-low priced shampoos/conditioners), and parabens

Also in the mix-a unique PolyQ complex that invisibly protects hair vs fading +damaging environmental aggressors like damaging effects of the sun.
Keratin Complex products are for all hair types-whether naturally white hair- or bleached/tinted/colored-processed tresses, keratin treatment smoothed-or curly/wavy.
L-R Keratin Complex Timeless Color Fade Defy Shampoo ($25), Infusion, Timeless Color- Fade Defy Conditioner ($25). In the middle-our post swim hero product-the Infusion Keratin Replenisher ($30) a hydrating styling creme-we use on our air dry only hair---but is also for those talented enough-to wield a blow-dryer...locks out humidity for a frizz free, silky finish...and even helps hair dry a bit faster.

Set to launch May 1, in salon-Keratin Complex conditioning hair color (permanent, demi, semi-permanent) including GraffitiGlam Colors-fun for lightened hair-lasts 4-6 washes. Stay tune...

Attracting quite the crowd...Johnny B Haircare -stylists-barbers...

sold-out-PANASONIC hair trimmers-clippers-to get the look
Hair trends cross cultural + gender lines...VERY applause worthy!-AND imo reflection  seen in fashion -apparel-footwear industries too.