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A coveted secret of footwear addicts...and well know performance outsole musts for outdoor enthusiasts... Vibram's rubber soles are unique (patented) takes on the best underfoot protection...

via GIPHY fyi-shoes aren't heated...

...acclaimed for durability, protective, cushioning abilities- and grab appeal (the latest-Arctic Grip-is practically a 'miracle on ice')... but are also fashion statements. 

No surprise in a way-it's an Italian company after all...and some of the snazziest tonal and design 'statement's can be had during the brand's latest 2018 Sole Factor Tour... a fab collab with local cobbler-shoe repair talent-offering Vibram's outsoles to refresh just about any pair of shoes/sandals...out there. Just bring in your kicks, pick an appropriate Vibram outsole---and wait a bit.
Vibram offers bunch of appropriate outsoles---specific to specific footwear. Replacement costs for these sandal/ shoe life lengthening replacements range in price on this cool van supported tour---from free (donations to local charities-to around $40 WOW.
Pictured-Dean's Shoe Repair in Charlotte, NC. It is the first stop of the 2018 tour and a newly named Vibram Diamond Shop. 

From the press release...
“Vibram’s Sole Factor tour is currently scheduled to make stops in at least fifteen states with over fifty dates planned through Fall 2018,” states Allon Cohne, Chief Marketing Officer for Vibram USA. “Its goal is to raise awareness on the lost art of the shoe cobbler and offer the consumer a chance to customize, upgrade and repair current footwear with a better performing, more stylish outsole.”
love the contrast of bright outsole...and dark upper...

Driving Vibram’s Sole Factor program is a customized, 38-foot mobile cobbler unit outfitted with a cobbler repair shop and outsole showroom. 
The RV is operated by Vibram’s master cobbler, Gino Conti, with cobbler assistants who examine shoes onsite, then upgrade with Vibram soles while customers wait

Give fashionista new  life to an older pair of beloved heels-worthy of  flaunting-sitting cross legged, feet wagging,,,almost as chic as Christian Louboutin's red soles but without the trademark battle.

Not on the above pictured map??? No worries:
Vibram’s Sole Factor program is available with the ease of a few clicks...choose a sole online, then take advantage of free shipping to send in the footwear. Vibram will return the customized pair in 2-4 weeks.