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imPRESS Gel NAILS-Flaunt Fav Team Colors

Limited Editions by Fashion Designer Christian Siriano Adds To Nail Art Line-Up

We really love how two of our favs- fashion designer Christian Siriano and manicurist Gina Edwards (who has a slew of amazing editorial credits too-we read the fine print in those glossies)...managed to synch up during NYFW to celebrate the aforementioned ten years in the biz!

Christian Siriano and Gina Edwards
With the opulence and  elegance-inspired by late 18th century British Art that hangs in the Queen's Gallery of Buckingham Palace... Siriano's Fall 2018 fashion collection-ALSO heralded the launch of Christian Siriano limited edition imPress Nails' seven beautiful deep tones -and exotic designs that flatter all skin tones. Available now too.


With the brand's gel manicure shine, ease of application, glue free-damage free longevity---we bet those models actually wanted to keep these pretty manicures ON-feeaturing the Christian Siriano Limited Edition imPRESS Nails in Red Carpet Moment with linear gold accents.

Prep pad included-cleanse nails with it...peel off back of individual nail in correct size+press on. So easy we did this once on the subway...

    Limited Edition imPRESS Manicure Siriano Collection in Red Carpet Moment ($7.99 /
    KISS Nail Artist Paint in Gold ($6.99 / CVS and other mass market stores+online) 

FYI---if one is really way more inspired by the sporty colors of fav teams (YAY Team USA)-or true to your school colors (hello March Madness)...imPress Gel Manicure and KISS press-on nails will help your fingers colorfully cheer 'em on... with literally dozens of shades to exactly match one's alma mater.

No wonder the company tag line is "every mood...every moment..."