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Hosting a Olympic brunch bunch...or a betting crowd (of 1+) for the Super Bowl-sweet + spicy eats/treats can get February family and friend gatherings just a little louder than the usual holiday reveries.
Tried and true snack favs -and new options treats/eats will satiate the nervous nibblers AND those needing more sustenance ---just in case it goes into OT. 


Kids eyeballs might just pop-out- WHY? 
Tip: fill up a lazy susan serving tray with sweet options- guaranteed winners for small hands (and large).

Another bet to make besides who wins the title ha ha ha-how long this'll last??? Mount Franklin Sunrise Confections' creamy yummy vegan Softer Than Brittle (in pecan, almond peanut or cashew-NO dairy, gluten, preservatives or hydrogenated oils) or Sunrise Gummy Bears (no artificial ingredients) and practically iconic-Peppermint Starlights- our favs in this tantalizing set-up. Widely available.
Indulgent Fair Trade Certified TRU dark chocolate less the sugar...72% CHOCOLATE IN FACT- is, trust us- rich decadence mouthfuls encapsulating crunchy pretzels (gluten free), fresh protein/fiber rich almonds, solid dark chocolate bites, and chewy raisins. THE BIG deal-  all the treats get sweetened up with non-irritating-natural-Canadian sourced ingredient we know that is typically used in sugar free gum and toothpaste -and made from birch tree extracts-using a non chemical process. (FYI-unlike blood spiker sugar-xylitol is absorbed in body as complex carb. Interesting).
Bonus: NO dairy, no preservatives, or gluten, NON-GMO and sugar free.Vegan+Kosher-and diabetic friendly. Available Shop Rites and online.
Factoid-we finished our sample on the subway ride home. Smaller snack size is in the works...
Addictive alert officially issued, accordingly.

For pint size pleasing healthy options that any age taste bud tempting... cute GO GO squeeZ nutritious shelf stable, 100% natural-gluten free yogurt/applesauce-is celebrating America's football game with the 411 on BIG GAME fun.

----a feline fav entertainment option too.

Bonus points-the packaging... keep little hands safely occupied-in case all adult eyeballs glued to that screen...or check out the GoGo squeeZ webpage for pretty cool indoor/outdoor game ideas (perfect for all who couldn't care less about the NFL). 
IMO: get your own game on---GoGo squeeZ portable applesauce packets are ideal for one's own endurance athletic endeavors-great choice for those long hikes, bike rides-or loooong outdoor days where parental rooting for youth sport teams-seemingly soak up hours every weekend. Widely available.
For adults getting (partially) inspired by all the workin' athletic muscle-protein loaded gluten free premium jerky sticks and strips-are super popular crowd pleasers!

Perky Jerky-catchy "jerktastic" name-no catch to the ingredients list though...all natural-no nitrates, preservatives, added MSG and gluten free. Variety of flavors-but the original is a  bro' fav. 

The New Primal is particularly know for its grass fed, pasture raised beef sourcing and using 100% collagen beef source for casing their sticks. Celery juice and spices kicks it up for spicy bites. Also makes a turkey sized snack bite for kids-cute packaging too (review). 
Lorissa's Kitchen-NEW Original Grass Fed Steak Strips won't be available till MAY doubt will pretty much disappear in a day -just like their Korean Barbecue strips- flavored packet sample we got- that was left out on our communal family kitchen table. No wonder this company-that we have covered since its infancy-has blown up.
The Original Beef Steak Strips-have a natural smoky flavor "coupled with a hint of sweetness."
FYI: The strips are similar to jerky but more tender-with a higher moisture content. All Lorissa's Kitchen products are free from grass fed no added hormones sources, no preservatives or nitrates, or added MSG.
Factoid-Lorrissa Link -the creative mastermind of the aforementioned company-is related via marriage to the founder/namesake Jack Link Protein Snacks-the gigantic-ist meat snack company.