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New Indulgent Sweet Treats

Our top picks for late afternoon pick-up musts...

Better for you and satisfying-maybe even 'crave-able' as in it's practically a daily staple post workout- MUUNA's largish curd size creamed cheese -which practically re-invented that diet staple of days gone by-is naturally sweet creamy texture/taste (review).
For a sweeter a handy size, the fruit loaded flavors- are even more delicious. We tried several - including the peach, pineapple and strawberry flavors ---and the first thing we noticed...besides our meowing cat-wanting IN...the genuine fruit first taste and fresh fruity aroma. In fact, these latest MUUNA offerings are  satisfying sweet enough for addictive sugar fiends (imo)...for snacks...but BETTER cause each serving- 5.3 oz-is protein loaded with 15grams yet only 120-130 calories... notably better than like 99% of those protein powders out there. Additionally-for us anyway, these MUUNA fruit treats = desserts, especially our fav-the pineapple flavor. (other options also include-blueberry, and mango).
The fruit MUUNA - are  authentic tasting with real deal fresh pieces of each type- on the bottom-and on the ingredient list...and not that gooey chemically stuff that plague other brands in this space-or even "fruit" yogurt. Bonus points-the packaging is cute-and easy to stack up in a fridge. And kosher. Widely available and worthy of trying-even skeptics of this food category-will be won over. Really.

---  pictorial proof MUUNA new snack size (5.3 oz), fruit laden cottage cheese snacks are enticing for kids of all kinds. (And skeptical adults too). 

New tastes and adhering to the winning crispness of their signature product...the geniuses at Brownie Brittles may have managed, yet again- to introduce a new classic in the making-cookie sandwich for the 21st century...THINDULGENT Sandwich Cookies

If you grew up on those other sandwich cookies like PF's Milanos or Fig Newtons...oh, so 20th century... we say-today's more sophisticated cravings deserve better treats. Sheila G's Brownie Brittles were (are) like the foodie Oscar winner of brownie product inspirations.. And now-this company has a tantalizing buttery crisp/chewy melt-in-your mouth...Thindulgent Sandwich cookie-in the inspiring flavors pictured above- tropically  Toasted Coconut and trendy fav Salted Caramel-each fused with chocolate.
."...we wanted to come up with something that includes rich fudge, but as a base, and to try something other than chocolate as a base..." was the thinking behind these winning treats -which in a way-may rival the USA passion for French macarons now  As in once you have one-it changes (elevates) one's standards, forever.
The winning merger of the thin chunky caramel pieces within the rich chocolate-just might be the definition of taste bud heaven... ..while the toasted naturally sweet coconut -pairs flawlessly-with the creamy fudge filling - layered in between the buttery cookie. 
FYI-dunk worthy-in afternoon java...and maybe the easiest way to have just one.AT a time, anyway. NOTE-EVEN just opening the box-releases a best bakery aroma.Widely available including online in bulk (smart).