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Peppermint Perfect Holiday Season Flavor

Right up there with '...Raindrops on Roses ..." Peppermint flavors are a fav thing,  taste-wise- for the holiday season.
TIP: Add authentic Peppermint flavor to baked goods, homemade candies (drool worthy Peppermint Patties alert), festive cocktails +/or  an aromatic accent to hearty winter dishes of lamb-poultry-pork... with Nielsen-Massey's purely delicious Peppermint Extract.  Kosher certified, gluten and GMO free -and free of allergens...available in 2-4 oz sizes. Insta-holiday extract-real taste you can actually taste-a drop-or a tsp- go a long way! 

It's appropriate we drink-wise,  inhaled the delicious limited MINT COCOA Califia Farms Almondmilk Creamer -with real coconut cream in an Ellen Degeneres LOVE Mug- as this plant based half n' half such a morning java treat. Rich and and surprisingly creamy-with just the right amount of real deal cocoa powder and peppermint oil sweetness yet only 15 calories per serving. FYI: Soy, dairy, gluten and carrageenan FREE, non-GMO, kosher + vegan. Needless to say, these delicious Califia Farm creamers-are well grabbed refrigerator item-so best to buy two. Available Whole Foods, Target plus...
COLD BREW addicts will flip for this grab n' sip Peppermint Mocha flavor  with almondmilk smoothness-all blended in. Flavored up -with just the right balance of chocolate-y cocoa powder+peppermint-this plant based, dairy, soy and carrageenan FREE, non-GMO, Kosher, (in a BPA free plastic bottle too) is practically milkshake worthy...yet only 80 calories an 8 oz serving. PLUS-that dose of caffeine (50 mg/serving)-makes this our festive pre-workout sip -an ideal balance of buzz and brew, that's acid free-tummy safe. 
The Republic Of Tea-has a not so cult-y cult following-their tea leaves that are USDA Organic, Rainforest Alliance sourced, Non-GMO certified fresh, and available in handy,  natural unbleached tea bags  Trust us -we feel that too makes a better difference in taste.
For the 'nip in the air' season...the caffeine-free Peppermint Bark tea-is a soothing at any time blend of naturally sweetish Green Rooibus left, with refreshing organic peppermint-enhanced with warmth of organic vanilla flavor and organic cocoa extract plus sweet stevia leaf.  Bonus points-rooibos teas-in particular-the green kind- boast anti-inflammatory-anti-oxidants, good for you health benefits.
These tins (the one pictured-$12) are festive enough-just tie on a bow=gift-able---but to one-up the offering-Republic of Tea has many kinds of tea gift sets -(like the stackable holiday tin sets $14 including 12 bags of the aforementioned -with 2 others )-ready to ship that NOW. 
Ho ho ho-SHEILA G's Brownie Brittles-(for the novice-these brilliant products are like having the BEST PART crispy, melt in your mouth topping- of a batch of fudge brownies...all sliced up in a re-sealable bag)...ties on a festive holiday bow with these limited edition 'drizzle' bits of heaven. AKA- Brownie Brittle BITES Peppermint Bark Chocolate (Chocolate Chip Brownie Brittle Morsels-covered in layers of Peppermint&Dark Chocolate 5 oz bag),,, and Thindulgent Dark Chocolate Bark (crispy thin mint Brownie Brittle pieces-covered in drizzle of white chocolate- -topped with peppermint flakes 4.7 oz bag).
Even people who revel in their baking abilities don't even bother trying to replicate these widely available, enormously popular sweets...cause they cannot do 'it' better, Really.
But fyi-customize the experience-layer with ice cream or custard for festive parfait treats-of mouth-watering tastes + textures, or sprinkle atop hot chocolate. Our indulgent 'appertizer' version-spritz a massive amount of whipped cream in a dish-and use either as the crunchy dipper-popular  :-)
AVAILABLE NOW-Limited Edition bites are stock-up worthy...because...just like that