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Newest Skincare Trends: Basics/Natural/Multi-Tasking

In Cosmetics NY, Women's Dermatologic Society

Even with the caveat that a legal definition of  'natural'-isn't exactly USA government regulated as of yet- with regards to beauty products...(or food -for that matter), third party certification, non-profit watch groups (, for example), willing companies (Proctor+Gamble)  and class action lawsuits-help wised up buyers make choices.  Cause those ingredient lists-as well as efficacy/value proposition/ethically-sustainably sourced and cruelty free factors are big deals-not just 'greenwash' marketing buzz.

The term 'simple' ingredients-is  somewhat baffling-as even botanics-algae-rice-and charcoal-components that seem to be popular formula sources-are complex. But no surprise we saw new multi-syllable offerings from a slew of companies at the sourcing makeup/beauty trade show-In Cosmetics NY.
New Green Aqua Foundation by French supplier Sensient Technologies -is "...made of several natural ingredients such as mineral pigments treated with super hydrophilic rice-based surface treatment PHY..." Added to foundation formulas like the one here-the end result felt light and fresh-a barely there feel- when we tried it...with great, buildable coverage. Rice derivatives showed up at several exhibitors.
LIPOCHEMICALS-Vantage Specialty Ingredients was one of several companies incorporating activated charcoal in cleansers/face draw out dirt, toxins, and oils while minimizing pore sizes,
Sensient Cosmetic Technologies- Aqua Charcoal Gel Cleanser-made with vegetable charcoal-aimed at the booming market for skincare products targeting the desire to detox...combating the negative effects of environmental and modern day stresses
A Mintel presentation featured two products we've written about- when they first hit the market: ANTONYM® EcoCert + Leaping Bunny Certified -cruelty free makeup collection- free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, petrochemicals or phthalates.Pictured the multi-tasking Baked Highlighter encased in a very cool bamboo box.
USDA ORGANIC -S.W. Basics  Cream is also Leaping Bunny cruelty free-and a B certified company-w/ hero ingredient-fair trade sourced shea butter.

At a media day luncheon with the Women's Dermalogical Society...the topic of what is natural-naturally flooded our brain cells. In particular, the super popular FDA approved dermal fillers now being used to plump up/fill up fine lines, wrinkles, and lips-we bet -consumers would always choose Hyaluronic Acid (a type of sugar) based fillers that are lab sourced-vs getting HA fillers that are animal sourced-coming from pigs/roosters.

Plus knowledge of the other ingredients...seem needed for full transparency. As in-vegans/vegetarians not wanting dermal fillers made with collagen sourced from cow (bovine cells). How about preservatives? After all-so many only eat organic, natural foods, use only pure oils and mineral makeup. Is it a certified Kosher-Halal product-does any of the aforementioned even matter? Just saying.

Some of our male pals-cannot believe people (women and men) willingly get injections with potentially 'deadly poisons' like AND no doubt-all of these dermal treatments were extensively tested on animals prior getting human approvals.

On a truly positive note-the willingness of consumers and  MDs- to embrace integrative health practices with  "Western' medical approaches-and health insurances covering it-is growing.

At this terrifically informative luncheon-many of the incredible women practitioners we spoke with -including podcast host/ Board Certified dermatologist - Arianne Shadi Kourosh, MD, MPH-(plus an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School) all incorporated 'natural' methodologies in their practices.

Swiss based Mibelle Biochemistry...takes on growing concerns of skin aging courtesy of what happens when one buries face in smartphone screens and is outdoors-under a thinning of the planet's protective ozone layer -InfraGuard is derived from a Peruvian native tree aka TARA (Caesalpinia spinosa). Very cool. 
PS: As endurance athletes...  sorry Consumer Reports...we have always valued the better abilities of physical sunblocks versus chemical sunscreens -protecting our exposed skin-vs  broad spectrum UVA-UVB-Infrared Rays-and Blue Light. Irrelevant of price.
MOST WANTED: Pout Phone Make-Up case in multiple sizes/colors-plus custom lip choices-ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE UK (whaaa????) got the most appreciative nods. The Mintel trend dubbed this "Beauty Round The Clock"