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Naked Nutrition Protein Cereal

THE Cereal worthy of every meal

OUR FAVORITE NEW FOOD PRODUCT-has officially, nutritionally and uniquely elevated cereal is our idea of a crunchy dinner entree courtesy of this addictive sweet NAKED NUTRITION Protein Cereal-that hopefully will be sold in larger boxes soon!!!!!
Feline approved...PLUS Naked Nutrition Protein Cereal is small enough size = good for little kids...

the 411...protein comes from Whey Protein Concentrate (dairy source fyi) organic crunch from cinnamon sweet dried apples, plus organic brown sugar. Love this cereal-non-GMO, 120 calories per package...15 grams of protein and 5 g of BCAAs per serving. A Captain Crunch slayer.
Available now-6 pack $14.99. This is ALSO the perfect travel food- and is ideal for endurance athletes...pre/post race or during a long bike ride/hike/day on the slopes.