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Treatments+Solutions for Hair Flip Worthy Hair

Part 2

Women's Dermatological Society-NYC

Head hair -or the lack there-of-is a concerning beauty 'issue' for women (and men). So of course...there's a slew of research, and available home use tools/products devoted to helping bring 'on the healthy tresses.

A recent gathering of some of the top East Coast based dermatologists-all whom we could have bombarded for hours with questions...was our classroom 101 for the topic of "Female Pattern Hair Lose" with 'professors' Maryland based Valerie Callender MD and NYC based Shari Lipner MD, , PhD, FAAD delivering  tress stress truths -including a diagnosis of what hair loss actually is- like a visibly wide(r) part, loss of volume, and overall thinning. -.and that underlying causes (including auto-immune illness- alopecia),  genetics, diets, hormones (or lack thereof) and stress -can all result in temporary or permanent lost locks.

 Harsh drying heat + styling stunts (think pulled tight ballerina bun), hard core dyes/bleach and hair chemicals like straightening/perms-can all ALSO be hair assaults.

A common Tress False?
Sink clogging's common to lose up to 100 hairs a day -apparently -healthy heads have 100,000+ strands.

Positive Pluses:

The accessible non-invasive solutions and treatments proffered by dermatologists or available over-the counter...can be safe and effective. And not insanely expensive, (but maybe repetitive).

Most familiar 'Rogaine' aka the generic Minoxidil (2% -2x daily/5% 1x daily), and other Derm directed solutions like anti-inflammatory topical corticosteroids, oral medicine-typically taken for high blood pressure-spironolactone, and active ingredient- ketoconazole (anti-fungal) shampoos  (like Nizoral)-were cited as effective.
Non-invasive hair growing cosmetic solutions -that might take weeks to see positive results-include laser-or light therapy- FDA approved home hair tools (Hair Max Laser Comb, Theradome Helmet, Cappilus Cap), as well as  inner beauty daily supplements - salon/celeb fav Viviscal (with proprietary marine blend),  Nutrafol (separate women/men's formulas)... and biotin.
MD directed procedures like one and done or multi-procedures... hair transplants, the use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy and promising research regarding stem cell transplants -were all described too.

Selfie Alert: investing the time for a Dermatologist appointment-can narrow down the hair loss cause, sort through available solutions- and realistically offer efficacy expectations.

Interesting for botanical based solutions-that were offered by several companies at the recent  In Cosmetics NY trade show- boasted scientific studies documenting biologically efficient-active ingredients that revved up hair growth and/or hair  strand strengthening-possibly destined for new OTC personal care products. Notably-those definitive 'claims' def. won't be appearing on any USA cosmetic packaging labels.

For insta-hair though=fiber powders, wigs, clip-in extensions, or RHWO..worthy woven in pieces- extensions like those we saw magically transform thin haired women at maestro Angelo David's  salon... at least temporarily-restores confident boosting luscious locks. Plus they're all gentler, non-permanent ways of transforming one's look-radically or discreetly.

ALSO-scalp help is a big focus of hair care product companies-with topical treatments that are vitamin loaded -target follicle cloggers -like our fav French based brands JF Lazartigue Hair Loss line and aromatically transporting Leonor Greyl Paris hair loss sprays/tonics - including the concentrated, leave-in Complete Energizante (sold in vials).

Dr. Marder's Skin Therapy Shampoo with hydrocortisone 1% (anti-inflammatory)-might also be helpful to restoring hair-and healing an itchy scalp.

An easy does it home remedy found online for scalp cleaning/hair product build-up removal help-a mash-up one to one ratio of apple cider vinegar and water-applied on the scalp for fifteen minutes-then rinsed off...1x daily, as needed.

Lastly, the damage preventative- hair strengthening market that beefs up actual strands.. has been getting big beauty buzz as of late,  At home or in-salon extras Olaplex and Brazilian Bond Builder  (easily found on Amazon) promising new active ingredients -can
protect the hair one still has.