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Healthy Sips-Best Cocktail Mixes

Alcoholic liquids... the opposite of some of the new better for you functional fluids hitting the market can be the perfect pairing of dress-upped, mixed drinks.

Ideas on how to update the last decades fav Red Bull and Vodka-include now 'cleaner' carbonated alternatives-plus fluids boasting health benefits.
The new behind the bar staples???
Lifeway's slightly sparkling organic Elixir-fresh tasting-in fruity tangerine, elderberry, hibiscus and our fav, warm spicy ginger-delivers active culture probiotics. Served chilled -with clear alcohol-like gin or vodka-or 'straight up'- over ice ...naturally low in calories-and gluten/caffein free, vegan +kosher. 

Apple Cider vinegar is the old/new remedy for human ailments-including diminishing detoxifying inflammation,  sore throats, help in weight loss, support heart health, improve blood sugar/insulin levels etc. That abrasive tartness though-on its own-or swoished in water-isn't for most. Palate problem solved- by Up Mountain Switchel's slightly sweetened (organic Grade A maple syrup) Lemon-(with raw organic apple cider vinegar)+ added organic ginger root/lemon juice +pure mountain water... for subtle spicey-easy to drink thirst quencher-is actually delicious-as it mellows out the vinegar taste. In bottles or aluminum cans.
For cocktail time-add 2 parts U.M.S to 1 part= bourbon- with dash of bitters -plus orange/cherry twist...or an equal ratio to vodka with lime juice adorned with fresh mint...or dark rum/lime garnish (all on the rocks). For margaritas-2 parts each (w/ tequila) plus fresh lime juice-salt rim optional or a take on a  21st century Old Fashion-2 parts U.M.S. to one part rye whiskey. NICE.

Finally-Ocean Spray-the heritage brand USA purveyor of good for you-proanthocyanidins packed cranberries- expanded its liquid product line. Cocktail mixer of choice=the unsweetened non-GMO 100% pure cranberry juice -w/ NO added sugars, artificial flavors, preservatives or colors-delivers one whole serving of this tart/sweet fruit's health benefits-in only 60 calories. Of course-one has of a  natural vodka duo. 

WHAT ELSE: New Ocean Spray USDA Organic Cranberry Juice blends and with 100% vitamin C/serving-and our fav-naturally- the low calorie (10 per bottle) Ocean Spray Pact Cranberry Infused Waters-six real fruity sweet flavors (including Cranberry Mango Passionfruit)- a fabulous alternative to competitor, Bai. Even better- it's non-GMO. 

CocoaVia® tiny packets of nutritious cocoa extract-have  the flavanols' health benefits (like-boosting blood circulation)in an intensely flavorful -easy to transport options - un + sweetened (sucralose) versions. Add to any warm spiked coffee for rich chocolate taste-with benefits. Or of course, drink up-add to hot/cold water (our ratio of about one packet to 3oz), smoothies-or sprinkle on food -from filling warm oatmeal to chillin' cold vanilla ice cream... YUMMY and all of 25 calories. Widely available -and online at company website...can use a 20% off coupon code: TOTALWELLNESS  
Dry Sparkling upscale flavors-of singular botanicals or fruit blends plus H2O...redefined what soda could be for the culinary inspired sippers who wanted their beverage options to match their sophisticated foodie preferences. Also available in cans-Dry Sparkling pairs up with a slew of alcoholic liquids (as seen on TV-Lavender Dry Martini w/ fresh lemon peel)-or mix with fruity wines/sliced fruit-for a party punch bowl. 

Holiday flair-Limited Edition DRY Sparkling in cranberry or ginger-fun,  festive-and gift-able  bubbly drinks- with less sugar than usual  party sips. Available now!