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Cutting Edge Beauty/MakeUp-What's Next...

Coming - arriving-the latest beauty tools and makeup trends ...sourced from tradeshows -which is where  all those niche, luxury and mass beauty lines often get their products from. Hence  a lot of similar goodies for consumers-seem to be launched around the same time-like the matte-hydration, long lasting-bold lipstick trend.
At recent MakeUp in NewYork trade show -we had a few minutes to cruise around...and gave a thumbs up to Jepson's smooth (patented) anti-microbial makeup sponges perfect for even applications of foundation, BB creams, suncreams' kind of textures. Pictured-2 types-made of smooth/soft silicone which is naturally a lot more 'clean'-anti-microbial/anti-odor...and ez to clean... and the Duo-Sili Sponge-smooth.scoft silicone one one side...and optional materials on the other-including the more traditional material. NICE.

Colorful makeup sponges in assorted shapes...
The most fun at NYFW-courtesy of playing VR games at SAMSUNG/WWD lounge...which also showed off the latest beauty tools by Michael Todd which are now available. We had a nice chat with this entrepreneur...ON...why his SONICLEAR elite is better than the giant sonic cleaning brush system-Clarisonic. One-the bristles of the brushes are super soft-they are cut differently so as to not irritate sensitive facial skin. PLUS like the above makeup sponges-there's an anti-microbial benefit-with silver microscopic fibers in the bristles...reminded us of the anti-microbial-anti-odor properties of silver threads in fabrics. Easy cleaning and long steamy environment tough-Michael said-he just keeps his in the shower, no brush replacement head needed. BONUS-cute patterns...6 speeds, with C-Boost™ Technology-beeps every 60 secs, and there's also a small size. 

Swiss owned, GEKA showed several innovative and precise application makeup tools- including these FAB mascara brushes-pictured in the above Fiber Kit. Their Misslyn-is for big volume lashes-with extra large brush made of EOS fibers -with a patented HYPNO cut-mix of shorter/longer bristles...and pureSENSATION 2K brush-with extremely flexible and soft bristles-for extraordinary volume, luscious length, and curl...innovative production-kinda above our pay grade (ha ha)-result is clump free -precise application of mascara on every itty bitty lash, Plus-check out these color options...important-as colorful mascara are one of the next big K trends ...
K-Trend alert-these are bright shades...WOW.