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Sustainable Seafood: Athlete Essential by WILD PLANET

Healthy seafood,  the real deal kind, not farmed or GMO scientifically rendered (available now in Canada) is a super healthy protein, gluten free- and heart/brain musts-EPA and DHA) Omega 3. An athlete is quickly becoming the preferred protein source world wide.

But tasty choices, wild caught, sustainably sourced -from a shelf stable cans or pouches-  that tastes like fresh as fresh?
Icon -and television's first celebrity chef- Julia Child...loved her tuna fresh too!

Surprise=Wild Planet-a brand that is widely available (including direct)-not only changed-as in elevated our taste buds expectations-vis à vis what a can of wild, skinless/boneless salmon or crowd fav albacore tuna-should taste like-we felt like ditching the 'canned' moniker-of everything we tried- as all products tasted are as tender flaky, chew-textured if sourced straight off the fishing boats.

Upshot: Forever changed-in a good way-what a shelf stable fish can taste like. A big wow.

PLUS: Big Bonus Points: Wild Planet's dedication to sustainably sourcing including a catch method that releases juvenile fish, a NO controversial fishing method adherence-avoiding long-line or purse seine caught tuna-that can ensnare by catch, sourcing sardines from abundant Pacific Ocean...additionally adherence to Monterey BayAquarium Seafood Watch®.
Some Wild Planet products available-include single serving (for us, anyway) Albacore Wild Tuna-zip top pouch that is great for hikes, lunch boxes, or post race food for those who can't stomach the usual athlete food fare-but require protein. Fab...and Wild Planet only cooks its tuna 1x versus other brands-thus retaining its natural juices=better tasting AND retaining nutritional value.
 As good as fresh tuna steak ordered at a trusted restaurant-the 5oz can of Albacore Tuna, rich in mega 3s and low in mercury is in fact packed with a raw tuna steak without added water, oil or fillers-a huge difference fro what we were used to, shelf wise. So much better in fact, Wild Planet's version shouldn't even be uttered in the same breath. That good.
.  New for us, can-wise is the Skipjack Wild Tuna- a light colored, flavorful member of the tuna family-a medium sized, perciform fish-very popular in Japanese cuisine-including sushi and sashimi- with naturally less mercury contamination than other tunas.

Wild Planet Wild Pink Salmon (and Wild Sockeye Salmon) a convenient ez open, snap top can-has the fresh succulent taste/texture of fresh caught and delivered fillets-no need to drain the juices-as it's packed with no fillers or additives less a tad of sea salt. Terrific...sourced from the icy Alaskan waters, we couldn't;t resist devouring,  straight out of the can-though delicious tantalizing recipes-are available online...(like party crowd pleaser, savory flavorful salmon cakes). Available in 6oz cans, non-GMO certified, and Kosher.
No wonder-we never really used to like skinless/boneless canned sardines-Wild Planet's sardines (from off the course of Morocco)-fresh firm textured skin, with fleshy flake fillets-tastes so superior-practically a different food category. Wild Planet has seven options of sardines-our top pick -the skinless/boneless fillets in water-a nutritional powerhouse options, low in calories. Also available in extra virgin olive oil-good for salads, a no salt in water, and seasoned marinara sauce, and extra virgin olive oil+lemon, 
Information on WILD PLANET ---including other products available