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An eating habit akin to PAC MAN addiction, food wise-just might be inhaling a handful of pistachio nuts.
No wonder...culinary spinoffs of this popular treat-grown in California (mostly, and Iran)...are enticing consumers.

Top Picks:
Setton Farms employees must be cracking' happy-all those delicious nutritious (servings-serve up 7 grams of protein,  10% daily fiber, plus Vitamin B6, magnesium, thiamine, phosphorus, copper ad potassium).. 100% natural pistachio nuts probably placed for grabbing- all over their facilities.
New: Adding to their travel friendly- snack sized Chewy Bites collection, a winning pair-up of chewy dried blueberry infused cranberries in a pleasingly gooey crunchy pistachio nut mix-up, sweetened up with coconut+ maple brown rice syrup.  Non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, certified Kosher, AND heart healthy for guilt free, nutritious snacking-made of of 50% pistachio nuts-5 grams protein/serving. Available now.

La Tourangelle Artisan Oils- including all natural Roasted Pistachio Nut Oil (and spray)-and its other hand-crafted line-up of nut oils are best selling items in many specialty food retail outlets. Pictured above-the deeply rich green Pistachio Oil- can be used as flavorful addition to ice cream, salad dressing, pasta, dips-and even grilled meats. Non-GMO certified, BPA free packaging-and-made in California in the traditional (time consuming) 150 year old French methods... widely available.
FYI-these pure, finely expeller-pressed nut oils-are bursting with tastiness-a little amount carries big favorable punch.
Widely available-GIANT Snacks' Pistachios in Dill Pickle (sea salt, vinegar, pickle brine, hints of onion+garlic) and Sweet +Salty (sugar/sea salt)...-are finding  favor with fans of their winning line-up of ball park staple=  roasted and salted high quality sunflower seeds. We inhaled our original style sample-chewy fresh perfectly sea salty California grown pistachios in the hour equivalent of a New York minute. 'Nuff said.