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Gourmet Takes - Ballpark Inspiration: Part 2

Dressed Up Burgers, Scrumptious Crunchy Salads, Sophisticated Salty+Spicy Seasonings=Tempting  Takes on Ballpark Staples to eat at home.

California based, Cypress Grove's soft-ripened -Humboldt Fog jettisoned American gourmet cheeses from insular cult fav to mass adoration, as THE ORIGINAL AMERICAN® imo.
Cheese burgers-or grilled cheese PLEASE...ditch the processed bleh for melted nirvana via TRUFFLE TREMOR- a creamy luscious soft-ripened goat cheese enhanced with the aromatic earthiness of black truffles. A fav of ours (outta, like 3000+ selections)- from most recent Fancy Food Show-sold in wheel and mini sizes & widely available-including  company website w/ flat rate shipping $.

Corn on the cob companion, Kaiser roll/bread enhancer, or a rich full flavored BBQ enabler to grilled meats-fish-vegetables ...real deal Smoked Maplewood Amish Roll Butter by family owned Minerva Dairy may just steal THAT finger lickin' good ad slogan from a certain franchise...

Non-flavored-the hand packed-Amish Roll Butter -with premium lush thick textured ( 84% butterfat), is made by slow-churning process. Factoid-Minerva Dairy was founded in 1894-is fifth generation owned!!!!

Salads made of satisfying, slightly crunchy -and very slightly (barely) nutty, cooked up-  Pereg Naturals-KANIWA-aka Baby Quinoa-a superfood (protein, iron, calcium, anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins-B AND fiber loaded) grain-like seed, native to Peru/Bolivia (non-GMO and gluten-free) ...will have even junk food only eaters-reassessing their notions of bland boring eats. Pereg Naturals-a maker of the popular- ready in minutes delicious flavored/seasoned whole grain entrees (pictured below) -introduces this quinoa botanical relative -that even for non-chefs-easily cooks up via simmering/sitting-and serves up deliciously-retaining its crunchy texture-(and imo-mush proof) with whatever spices, chopped/sliced/diced fresh vegetables, and/or protein is on hand. Can even used instead of breadcrumbs as coating.
PLUS: tempting entrees prepared with KANIWA-like this plant based burger  or veg, chili recipes-simply replaces artery cloggers without feeling food indulgence deprivation=HOMERUN!

France's LA BALEINE-is probably Americans first bonjour to gourmet salt. Set to deliver... their new sodium reduced natural sea salt-imo-  has best selling status potential-and a big bonus for  those who never met a salt shaker they didn't like-but for health reasons-need to cut back on the sodium ( like up to 50%). Interested-we tried and found no difference-practically-as La Baleine manages to preserve same salty taste as regular ole' table salt-and texture of fine version-via "presence of marine minerals directly from the sea..." FYI-stil loaded with potassium, magnesium, sea minerals and calcium-as yet another reason-even non-fancy feasters we know- use sea salt. Period.

Sun dried tomatoes have a heavenly pungent intense taste -yay- is brilliantly captured bottled ketchup-by California based Traina Foods. Spoil alert-try their take on this shelf stable-see it everywhere condiment-and you'll never go back to that mass market muck. EVEN BETTER: Traina Foods intros a new savory-rich USDA Organic Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup--that  delivers all the distinctive taste of sun-dried tomatoes-set to deliver soon. FYI-guaranteed to elevate+enliven any home version of backyard picnic staples-french fries & burgers-plant or meat based.
SOFI AWARD winner -Woodland Farms' Manitou Trading Bulgogi Seasoning-one of 82 blends offered up by this entity-is a zesty blend based on the trendy Korean BBQ staple-with tangy red miso, ginger- garlic, brown sugar, dab of sesame and sizzling hot red chili peppers. A little goes a long way-try a pinch or two on grilled anything...or add to butter/dips/dressings for added savory flavorings.