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Gut enhancing fluids, nutrient blessed dairy alternatives  - tempting consumers-delivering life's winning edge...hydration-wise.

Lifeway Elixir, Makomas Baobob, STEAZ Energy, GURU Organic Energy, Brooklyn Organics


Lifeway's tangy tart USDA Organic Kefir-naturally loaded with active probiotics-supportive of natural GI functions (plus immunity, weight-and theoretically a whole lot of other human health issues)- are a daily habit.A latest fav flavor-=Organic Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea kefir-makes us feel like Superman-Wonder Woman after one tasty sip.
New to the product line-up- LIFEWAY ELIXIR- slightly fizzy effervescent beverages in four on trend flavors -spicy ginger, fruity tangerine, floral hibiscus (reportedly an aphrodisiac), and elderberry-fyi-all make excellent cocktail mixers. Naturally low in sugar (45 calories/bottle)-and easy on the taste bids-straight up (imo)-these sips are -organic, gluten+caffeine free, kosher, vegan-a good post workout thirst quencher. Delivering soon.

A common African Savannah arbor-Baobab massive trees-yield fleshy fruit+ seeds-prized as superfoods-packed with anti-oxidants, vitamin C, magnesium and even 2x as much calcium as milk-when deliciously quaffed in liquid forms-via Makomas Baobab drink-tart-sweet made with organic baobab fruit+ cleansing monk fruit. No preservatives, artificial flavors or additives-80 calories/bottle.

USDA Organic, Fair Trade Certified, certified vegan  -sustainably sourced ingredient blessed STEAZ ENERGY cleanly revives (100mg caffeine) - without the chemically stuff- yet refreshingly serves up antioxidants  & Vitamins C, B6, Folic Acid and B12. FYI the buzz is via natural rainforest grown Yerba Mate extract, Guarana Extract, and Green there's sodium-an electrolyte replacer for the sweaters out there.
 In Super Fruit (guarana berries+superfruits-goji, blueberry açai), Berry and Orange-140 calories-12oz can, or in our choice-the slightly sparkling calorie free Berry Zero-an organic green tea-ripe fruity drink-sweetened with stevia.
FYI-this company's cactus water-made from fruity part-prickly pear (from Mexico)-with certified organic green tea from Kenya=terrific hydrators -in 3 versions (regular cactus water, cactus water+cucumber green tea, cactus water +starfruit&green tea). Subtle flavors-we tried after a long heated run-and found just one cold can outta the fridge-hit the spot. 

GURU USDA Organic, certified vegan Energy Drink-10 calories a can-def lives up to its billing Good Energy™ Smart Organics. We couldn't take enough samples of this sparkling drink home from the Fancy Food Show. Yes, that good.In the mix... 100mg naturally occurring caffeine-from organic green tea leaf extract+organic guarana extract, sweetened with organic cane sugar+ organic stevia leaf extract, some organic lemon juice and nutrient healer luo han guo (Monk) fruit extract, healing organic echinacea flower extract, and organic pan ginseng fruit-adds a very very slight spicy kick. Delicious.FYI-there's an 80 calorie can too. BOTH: USDA organic, gluten free and certified non-GMO.

Since we get sea sick pretty easily-even from swimming in a crowded pool--and ideal natural cure, zippy ginger ale -a proven stomach soother-is often our go to T1 sip during triathlon competitions. Authentic USDA Organic craft ginger ale by Brooklyn Organics-is -seriously- like another liquid world better than the mass marketed stuff-no wonder cult revered beverage company-blew up in popularity rather quickly. Our sample-5 calories/can  with organic coconut flavor and organic ginger extract blend (blue can in the middle) inhaled in a NY minute.Gluten+caffeine free, no coloring or artificial sweeteners, no coloring, kosher+vegan-sweetened up with organic stevia leaf extract, Bonus: an excellent mixer choice-in 5 versions (cola, guava, açai, classic + coconut).