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NO! to Waste-YES! More Sustainable

Fancy Foods Show 2017 Trends

Javits Center, NYC


It's not just K-Cups, disposable baby diapers, and discarded clothing that's filling up landfills...

Repurposing what was formally known as food waste-is a big restaurant and industry trend.
Kettle Cooked UGLIES-may not start as as beauty queens-with what the USDA calls cosmetic imperfections but these chips -taste as finger licking/addictive as 'regular' ole sourced ones. does are brown with brown spots-tiny ones but we didn't notice the difference in appearance at all....

Uglies Chips...made from rejected potato-several flavors including classic salt and vinegar+original sea salt...and above-mesquite BBQ

Càboo paper products made from 100% Fast Growing sugarcane grasses (otherwise get discarded or burned) and renewable bamboo...feel /perform just like those from paper... is soft, and compost-able! ECO FYIs-both can grow in depleted soils with little water and no pesticides/fungicides...preserves rainforests, fresh drinking water-and is 100% BPA free...unlike a lot of white paper products. PLUS-free of inks, dyes and fragrances.

Càboo Baby Wipes...are also for bigger humans...good for travels, backpackers...
IF YOU CARE FSC® & Compostable Unbleached paper-Coffee Filters practically priced like the 'toxic-y' kind where we shop. The eco help for cooks-parchment paper and bags (ditch the plastic), household items like gloves+natural sponge cloths...and seasonal fire starter cubes made from sustainably sourced wood and vegetable oil.