Monday, July 31, 2017


Specialty Food Show 2017

Tempting Dessert Toppings-featuring rich caramel always a fav...spoon worthy good enough to eat fun sweet bubbles-a take on the Taiwan Bubble Tea craze that's gone global.

Robert Rothschild Farms popular dessert toppings have a new flavor- Caramel Nocino -caramel-vanilla sugary nutty addition 
DATE LADY USDA ORGANIC, gluten-free and Kosher- Date Caramel Sauce-SOFI winner worthy of ice cream, cheesecake and as a crisp cut able dip-bade from real deal cream, their award winning date syrup...with aromatic vanilla and touch of sea salt.
Vermont based FAT TOAD FARM-SOfi Winner-Traditional Goat Milk Caramel-uses traditional methods to churn out many velvety, creamy caramel products-in partnership with Vermont Creamery...a local source for its subtle tangy goat milk flavor. New: Bourbon Barrel Aged Hard Cider Caramel-a collab with Stowe Cider-not too sweet smooth addition to a winning line-up of dessert toppings.

Chewy fun-made of sweet tapioca+fruity jellies (different flavors-25% real fruit juice)-PURE25 Bursting Bobas not just adorn tea these days-used to add some fun atop cocktails too. This company sells this Asian inspired treat-cholesterol+fat free, low sodium+calorie, and vegetarian- in 6 flavors-delivers in 7.26 lb tubs-probably targeting professional users.INFO:

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sensational: Ready to Eat Sauces From Family Recipes

Fancy Food Show 2017 

Part One

NEW Scrumptious flavors of classic sauces/marinades- liven up entrees, pastas and appetizers without the fuss/hassle-using family (mom's) recipes.
Noted: Family owned, tasty global inspirations, 'clean' ingredients-are specialty food trends -  embraced by smaller companies where the owners are happy to  dish out their own creations...AND have put the big companies on notice-attracting infusions of cash or outright offers to buy.

Top Picks:

Why bother buying all those ingredients to make pesto from a homemade recipe-when NJ based RANDAZZO;s Pesto Sauces-including delicious, versatile Kale Pesto, pictured above- made without added sugar or preservatives and containing real deal 100% extra virgin olive oil -not a cheaper oil blends of similarly priced other brands ($5.99) and Pecorino Romano cheese...makes it 'honest to goodness sauces' just like you (or your mother) would. AND-without the clean-up hassles too.
Like many of these family owned food companies, Randazzo was founded (2008) in a home kitchen by someone who wouldn't even think of using sauces in a jar-until she produced her own. Other varieties of this sauce/dip/flavor-spinach, Basil and Five Herbs. Widely available...
Further proof New Jersey rocks-literally---Bongiovi Pasta Sauces by father of rock legend Jon Bon Jovi...are all natural, gluten free, Kosher and no preservatives... quality sauces-inspired by a great-grandmother's secret recipe. Pretend or imagine spending hours toiling over a hot stove, simmering fresh tomatoes, aromatic basil,  garlic and onions for delectable Marinara sauce-you and your fellow eaters will be Bongiovi converts at the first whiff/taste of this classic Italian pasta/pizza staple. Other sauce flavors available include Dad's Original -with garden fresh vegetables-red/green bell peppers+mushrooms, Tomato Basil, Arrabbiata (spicy) with pepper accents, Hearty Garlic Sauce-using Italian vine -ripened tomatoes, and a Classic Curry -great for a variety of pastas, seafood, pork or chicken.
Bonus Points-terrific packaging-in easy to open -resealable pouches...easier to carry+shelve-in cabinets and refrigerate after opening, Also available in traditional glass jars. More Bonus Points: Bongiovi brand created to help support the Jon Bon Jovi Foundation-a non-profit with a mission " combat issues that force families and individuals into economic despair through he funding and creation of programs and partnerships."
Celebrated Italian born James Beard acclaimed chef+entrepreneur+ TV Emmy winner Lidia Bastianich visited (and) tasted many of the Italian delicacies freshly conjured up at the Specialty  Food Show-in addition to supporting her own line of authentic sauces-like the Chunky Eggplant and Garden Vegetable flavors-(Kosher, gluten-free)-all made from imported Italian plum tomatoes + available in 25oz glass jars ($7.80). Two new(ish) offerings=  two USDA Organic, made in NY-Marinara and Tomato Basil sauces ($8.99) that have mouth watering ingredients  from both sides of the Atlantic-organic Italian tomatoes, organic carrots, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic California garlic, sea salt organic basil, organic honey and organic crushed red pepper.

SAUCY MAMA-(parent company, family founded Barhyte Specialty Foods)-gets down to business...with sizzling up some BBQ heat-using the Sweet Heat Marinade-a mix of creamy black pepper and sweet -hot chili sauce-like red Anaheim chilis+red jalapeno peppers -perks up red meat, pork-or as a flavor loaded dip for dumplings. 

YO MAMA'S YOM FOODS Marinara Sauce uses "Grandma Cacciatore's Sicilian family recipe"  to serve up naturally low in sugar/sodium pasta staple made from vine-ripened tomatoes, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and fragrant herbs. Available in 24oz glass jars.
Other offerings-Balsamic made from pure Modena Italy balsamic to dress up salads... and Sesame sauce-made with gluten-free tamari rather than soy sauce.

Thursday, July 27, 2017


Added Protein Powers New Snacks-Fancy Foods Show

Cabot Creamery is the iconic cheese maker in Vermont (plus now yogurts, sour cream, butter etc)-sourcing their milk from a co-operative of families-since 1919. New for them-and interesting -we think the first whey product actually coming from a dairy unflavored WHEY PROTEIN powder product that  can be added to smoothies and recipes. 20g of protein per serving/100 calories.

A lot of protein bars have a dry texture...but this moist chewy Oatmega grass-fed whey protein bar...was tasty, somewhat filling-def worthy+ flavorful with real deal chocolate and coconut. Gluten free, non-GMO and with 7grams of fiber (oats in there)/5 grams of sugar-the latter stat on the low side for a nutrition bar...a good thing. Also with healthy OMEGA-3s.

Find Your Inner Abs indeed-high protein instant POWERFUL Oatmeal boasts added whey powder concentrate boosting this snack or breakfast staple -with 21 grams of protein (and 25% calcium). Four flavors-included new Peanut Butter & Honey. 240 calories.

POWERFUL YOGURT-is creamy Greek style, satisfyingly rich version of this refrigerator must-but even better imo-the added why powder elevates the protein count to 25 grams a serving and as par for the course-packed with probiotics. Terrific...and no doubt-as endurance athletes -this yogurt will be a familiar sight in our household-ready to eat post race. Bonus -delicious and yet has no added sugars-stevia used instead. WIN WIN. In four flavors and plain. Widely available .

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Crispy Waffle Treats+Sweet Bites

Fancy Food Show 2017

New fancy waffle crisps and cookie bites- can dress-up ice-cream...just like statement making glammy accessories can add pizazz to any wardrobe ...

Wonderful WAFFLES 

Daelmans showed a new chocolate-caramel flavored with cinnamon and bourbon vanilla. ..STROOPWAFELS...their take on the Netherlands thin crispy cookie-waffle hybrid - Yes-you can place over a hot cuppa to melt the sweet gooey interior...but we think worthy of  cold ice cream sandwich status...tempting tasty play on texture. Non-GMO and no artificial flavors or preservatives

Belgian Butters-Mini Waffle Crisps...are another delicious take on thin crispy cookie/waffle European treat. Made with real butter...and also available in larger size,  its resealable bag is handy.... just in case -not entirely eaten once tripped open!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Gourmet Ice Cream: Creamy Goodness Goes Global

Fancy Food Show 2017: Part 2

Will exotic flavors and healthier indulgences knock vanilla + chocolate ice cream off its lock on American tastes? At higher prices-maybe yes-maybe no...but for sure gourmet ice cream is common fare  everywhere...vs last decade's occasional specialty foods' sightings.

Mr Mochi an international company who makes single portion delicious Japanese frozen mochi treats-with a doughy sweet rice outside surrounding ice cream interior...extends its brands with deeply intense natural ice cream flavors that incorporate Asian tastes into pints of dairy ice cold creaminess. Choices choices...Cold Brew Coffee-with chocolate covered espresso beans, Chai Latte -with traditional Masala Chi spices, Green Tea, Ginger Ginger with candied ginger, and Red Bean with sweet Azuki Beans.
Mr. Mochi's mochi-as well as the pints of primo ice cream are rBGH, carrageenan, corn syrup +gluten free, non-GMO 
Superfood nutritious...Tropical Açaì fruit wonderful berry goodness in a USDA certified organic sorbet, certified kosher dairy-free Amazon sourced treat. 
Attendees lined up for sample tastes of SOFI winner Graetner's handcrafted small batch ice cream...including us...the premium classic flavors-like  Madagascar vanilla bean's authentic flavor sourced from the African Bourbon Isle off the coast of Madagascar,,,and chip selections-including mint chocolate chip with pure mint oil ALL favorably slays mass produced machine made rivals...the Signature Chip French Pot Ice Cream-nabbed the trophy. Currently available at their many neighborhood locations-in middle part of the USA-and coast to coast via next day air...

FATBOY COOKIES' Joel's Outrageous uses their 100% all natural fresh chocolate chunk frozen cookie dough mad with real butter- (no trans fat, Kosher-Dairy)- for a chewy richness sandwich + premium vanilla ice cream with chocolate icing= Ice Cream Sliders. 

 MUD-a maker of healthier treats delivers single serve+pints of cooling coconut mousse made with natural plant based coconut milk and cashews, sweetened with whole raw dates (5 ingredients!!!) -FREE from gluten, dairy, soy and emulsifiers. Also available in vanilla and chocolate mousse made from 4 ingredients, each. Certified PALEO and Vegan. NOW AVAILABLE IN NYC AND LONG ISLAND.

Not technically ice cream--dairy free SNOW MONKEY Vegan+Paleo-is "ice cream reinvented"-in that  instead of relegated to dessert -this treat is worthy of meal status...with real deal anti-oxidants in the sweet tart goji berry loaded GOJI-OUS is plant based- with healthy bananas plus water, apple puree, hemp seed protein powder and mixed berry juices. ONLY 99 calories a serving with eye catching levels of vitamin C and Manganese-plus 5 grams of protein per serving aka for you pint eaters-an entree portion 20 grams. A cacao flavor (cocoa powder) is also available-and also free of 8 major alleges including gluten.. 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

GOURMET ICE CREAM-Specialty Food Trends

Fancy Food Show 2017

Vanilla and chocolate reportedly take the podium in a USA ice cream's most wanted flavor contest...but everywhere we looked at this gorgethon tradeshow...exotic combos of glam ingredients bejeweled dairy and non-dairy indulgences of this American staple.


Notable...'clean' ingredients-ditching questionable stuff like thicker/emulsifyer carrageenan, rBST hormones-or artificial flavorings -adding tasty gourmet additions of sweet, salty, and/or tart ones...livening up smooth creamy textures with complimentary bits of chocolate, fruit, sea salt-and sophisticated ethnic/international spice blends.

COOLHAUS Awesome Ice Cream-from the acclaimed company that hit it big in the food cart/truck biz (lucky us-we had a meal worthy ice cream sandwichof theirs at media event last year ) dishing out pints of splendid creamy blends of America's most wanted combos in over 4000+ retail outlets. Incredibly they scoop out 80 (!!!!) flavors at any given point in time including some regional flair flavors like fried chicken and waffles. More tempting for us...and perhaps less gimmicky ...pictured above-winning all tastebuds - Salted Caramel (Maldon Sea Salt), Bananas Forster (Dulce De Leche swirl), Dirty Mint Chip (fresh mint leaf, brown sugar dark chocolate chip), Sunday Funday (Tahitian vanilla bean, chocolate hazelnut, roasted almonds), Campfire S'mores (salted Tahitian vanilla bean, graham marshmallow cookie butter, dark chocolate squares) Balsamic Fig & Mascarpone (Italian mascarpone w/ balsamic glazed figs), and Chocolate Molten Cake (dark chocolate, chewy cake pieces, fudge frosting swirls). 
COOLHAUS Ice Cream sandwiches-also make ice cream bars. 
College pals...and hardworkers-the gals of Minus The Moo -are both ice cream addicts-one with a lactose intolerant GI tract...displaying full flavored  delicious primo creamy options -made from 100% farmer owned dairy supply, of real deal milk+cream,  rBST -free that's also lactose free. Five flavors- chocolate, sea salt chocolate chip, mint chip, vanilla, and espresso...the later we tried-and was absolutely fab. Def a luxury indulgent full flavored option-vs non-dairy 'ice cream' alternatives made from plant sources like almond or soy. Yummy!

La NEWYORKINA Mexican Ice & Sweets...purveyor-is a cult worshipped Highline/NYC park vendor of south of the border sweet treats...  now has a year round downtown NYC destination for-among other scrumptious eats... creative + fab combos  of ice cream aka "nieves de garrafa"...inspired by owner Fany Gerson's  Mexico City living childhood. Transporting flavors like original five including mango chile, hibiscus, coconut, passion fruit and avocado...joined by (on a rotating basis) molé, tropical margherita and très leche -are all handmade using a super large wooden paddle-blending mixes in stainless tubs inside oversized wooden tubs vs traditional churning methods. Nifty-the end results are super creamy. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Ready To Eat: Gourmet Treats

Fancy Food Show Part 2

Brunch, snacks, sweets and soups -all ready to eat or make...the winners from most recent Specialty Food Shows.


Farm Steady Everything Bagel & Cream Cheese Making Kit---won a SOFI for this...and for those living far flung from the real deal bagel makers...this makes sense.$25 Contains the goods for a dozen bagels and homemade cultured cheese in one kit-shelf stable 12-18 months. And no worries-YouTube how to though we were told this is user friendly

Treats + Snacks

Kakosi 2 Minute impressed-light, airy and rich tasting...USDA Organic-with chocolate bits too. Bonus Points-this company -know for its chocolate-is committed to sustainable harvesting since its its founding

Sweetaly  Dolceria are made by artisans in every sense of the world-the Italian born, California based founders still hand make everything! These refrigerated desserts are so tasty you maybe can't pass off as your own HA HA . In single or two serving size (depending) the 3 ounce desserts are made with fresh ingredients like organic sugar cane+non-GMO chocolate-and  NO artificial sweeteners, preservatives, thickness, flavors, or colors... made from rBGH free milk/cream-packed in 4 pack/ jars to maintain that just made taste. We tried the new Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake-creamy, airy and light lovely sweet tart available now in Italian classics Tiramisu, Panna Cotta Cappuccino Panna Cotta Sea Salted Caramel and Chocolate Mousse. Shelf life in the refrigerator=30 day and frozen-9 months.  

Crepini delivers to Americans a European everyday + sweet staple in filled versions including the new Dulce De Leche & Apple, packaged ten to a pack. Store in the freezer for 18 moths or in the refrigerator for 14 days-then just heat and serve. No preservatives, nut free, and Kosher.

Brunch food is a dining option throughout the day (and night)...Crepini's convenient Spinach Feta Crêpes have the perfect moist chewy texture of crepes-with this Mediterranean inspired filling-sold 15 to a pack.

France's rte treat by way of Brooklyn.-BAKERLY Crunchy Crêpes have a textural play on crispy creamy sweet-inside their shelf stable chewy individually wrapped snack. Non-GMO, no preservatives or artificial flavorings/colorings, rBST free milk, no trans fat...and unbleached flour used. Tasty-though we like our crepes hot off the press-these are good alternatives for snacking on the go.

Paradise Green -instant Thai Jasmine Rice and Wild Alaskan Salmon 'rice porridge' (congee)-packaged like ramen noodles...but better imo-no msg...

what it looks like when open...add water and heat

Saucer's Family Farms...Organic Eggs-hard cook-peeled ready to eat, right out of the bag. A real time saver for this healthy protein packed snack. 
This New Product entry from a Brooklyn based company, FAWEN -got a lot of their USDA Organic-Vegan ready-to-drink single serve  Drinkable Soups=made with fresh vegetables and spices-Himalayan salt, garlic,  in trendy blends (Broccoli& Cauliflower with Turmeric, what we tried -the delicious sweet-smoky Beet and Cabbage with Cumin-with swiss chard, turnips and blended in coconut milk, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and Sweet Potato & Red Lentil with Cinnamon)...are all winners.We could see these selling pretty much everywhere. Low fat and, gluten+ cholesterol free, non-GMO too...PLUS  Tetra Pack packaging is BPA free. Smart.

Ready To Eat: Gourmet Meals/Treats

Fast(er) Food Trends-Fancy Food Show 2017

Part One

Meal delivery kits get IPOs... buzz and buyers -but we think practically ready to eat and easy to prepare food kits-are just as appealing and faster
Gourmet takes on this food trend -are now crowding brick and mortar grocery aisles...and include shelf stable and refrigerated offerings that elevate what can be had in a New York minute. 
Bonus-can pass off as homemade deliciousness!!!!!


Smoothie kits+mixes
Farmersland Frozen Smoothies-seven flavors -frozen cubes-thaw and serve...healthy blends of fruits, veggies, and protein -and nutrient loaded superfood ingredients like flax seed.

GourmetNut-just add water...mixes-plant protein, gluten-free+non+GMO
Smart Harvest-USDA organic, non-GMO, no added sugar, non-dairy, gluten-free-packaged in re-sealable keep in the freezer packs....

Smart Harvest-distinct chunks of goodness...

International Eats
Maruyanagi Foods' Eat More Beans-edamame mix of chickpeas, soybeans, kidney beans, green peas and black beans...USDA Organic, Non-GMO, no preservatives and vegan. Steamed, not boiled---textured and tasty. Japanese company fyi...

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Fancy Food Show 2017

Plant based flours-are the new 'it' ingredient for baking, smoothies, thickening up sauces, etc...alongside ancient grains + gluten-free selections that Americans have pretty much mainstreamed into their diet preferences.


Family owned Premium Gold Flax Products & Processing Inc-from North Dakota...has several shelf stable non-GMO gluten-free flours, kosher, vegan+ USDA Organic flours...made from ancient grains and flaxseed-with more protein+fiber-and Omega 3s than the regular ole' white flour lining grocery store shelves. Handy=Baking & Pizza Flour versions with yeast, sea salt and baking powder in the mix already. No cholesterol, trans fats, additives or preservatives.

Let's Do...Organic -USDA Organic, non-GMO Organic Green Banana Flour and not pictured---Organic Coconut Flour.....gluten-free-with fiber, protein and beneficial fats -and free of allergy triggers like corn starch + wheat

Widely available Bob's Red Mill had an entire wall of flours...impressive to say the least-including almond and coconut ones +  USDA Organic  selections...from grain and non-grain source. Pictured above-  100% Stone Ground Whole Wheat that can be used for baking goodies-same ratio as the white flour kind.
Bob's Red Mill PALEO Baking Flour a unique blend of nut flours+root starches...grain, dairy, bean & gluten FREE- is a big seller for the advocates of this kind of diet....
Bob's Red Mill Hemp Protein Powder...can be blended  into shakes and smoothies for plant-based well as baked goods, pancake batter or oatmeal.
Hearty Naturals-known for its USDA Organic-non-GMO coconut products including its USDA Organic Virgin Coconut Oil made in Sri Lanka -also has this new to us,  Moringa Powder-made from the green superfood naturally beefed up with anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals+amino acids...can be added to smoothies, sauces/dressings and baked goods.