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Wines of SW France+French Fries: Wine Enthusiast 3rd Soirée


Oui, Oui...French Fries gone The Smith Restaurant...Fries with brandied mushroom aioli, white truffle, melange peppercorns

Competition of sorts...but honestly---french fries cooked professionally are always really good to great...especially when paired with selections of wines from southwest France.

In addition to the crisp eats-there were 7 stations-with different types of wines (dry white wine, rosés. fruity reds, 100% Malbecs, full body reds, sweet desert wines-and new releases)...all enthusiastically devoured by a crowd of hundreds.


Amali Restaurant 115 E. 60th Street-Chef Dan Ross-Leutwyler (on left)

Up from inside the Beltway...acclaimed Chef Michael Santoro-pictured below-PHÓ POUTINE=Short Ribs, Bone Marrow, Cheddar Curd, Cilantro, Lim, Chili...and fries

Chef Michael Santoro -Watergate Hotel restaurants

Chef David Rotter-(left) Boulton & Watt Restaurant-downtown -5 Avenue A-no wonder it is open till 4AM some nights...

loved this...Chateau Belleve La Foret 2015 (Fronton)  $28

Chef Brian Ellis-The Smith 55 Third Avenue

Chef Matt O'Neill in front

David Burke Kitchen-23 Grand Street/Craveable Hospitality-outlets all over including stadiums-French fries w/ Foie Gras, Pickled Cherries and Squab Ragou
delicious-Vignoles Brumont 2012 Chateau Boucassé (Madrian) $25

Aditi Malhorta -no pic :-(  -a oastry chef started Tarche Chocolat  254 Broome Street -which had chocolates that were duh-all eaten by the time we got there

a value at $20-Domaine du Toriquet 2016 Premières Grives (Cötes de  Gascogne)