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FRESHPET® Celebrates-Take Your Pet To Work Week


Highlights from the Soho Grand Hotel Garden celebration...hosted by FreshPet®

FreshPet™ fresh real ingredients in foods for cats and corn, wheat, or soy, no artificial preservatives, no ingredients from China, no processed meat meals, made in the USA

WORTHY non profits -the ASPCA and ANIMAL HAVEN SHELTER of NYC-celebrated Adopt-A-Dog initiatives with partner FreshPet®
- to help nurture deserving four legged creatures who are looking for loving homes.

During the month of July-all new parent(s) of the furry kind who adopt a dog or cat from the these worthy NYC organizations...receive free food/coupons from FreshPet®-USA (Bethlehem, PA in fact) makers of the most natural-human grade ingredients, less processed HEALTHY fresh foods for pets.


This week is bring your pet to work week-luckily some people can do that everyday.

Dr, Katy Nelson-med school for humans-did not suit her

Tips from  Dr. Katy Nelson, host and executive producer of The Pet Show with Dr. Katy-and associate veterinarian at the Belle Haven Animal Medical Center (Alexandria, VA) celebrate bringing your dog to work...include bathing fido, bringing his/hers own treats/toys, and acknowledging that maybe some co-workers are not as enthused about your 'fur baby' as you are.

FYI: FreshPet® foods require refrigeration-unopened have a shelf life of 2-3 months from date of production...opened, use within 7 days.
quite the spread-we bet if there is a zombie apocalypse humans could eat this food in a pinch. We bet some pet owners looking forward to home delivery services a la Blue Apron. No surprise to us-pets are what they eat,