Monday, June 19, 2017

Lazy Summer Beauty Tips

Plowing on the of course, a must...but other beauty routines for hot temps-lean towards the fast easy kind...

nope-not eye surgery ...but eye lash extensions-  -ditch the mascara - for luscious fluttery lashes without effort-guaranteed-at least for a month. Seen here at the IBS tradeshow-Javits Center
Get a GOOD haircut! Buzz cuts are clearly simplest but shoring tresses to fit one's face, shaped well so that only a dollop of anti-frizz or volume adding product is needed when air drying---factoring hair texture...saves minutes (hours) a week.

Pump up the volume-rainbow worthy hair colors are still trend on-Manic Panic has been selling "alternative hair dyes" including semi-permanent shades in bold colors for at home use---, for years. Insta-fun summer look.
Skip the trip to the spa-use at home-  cult fav face masks from Farmacy Beauty-uses botanicals and herbs-for a 'natural' based choices. Our pick-the hydration coconut collection-as its main ingredient -for a few 3 step kits ($24) targeting different conditions...perfect way to quench skin after a day spent outside.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Endurance Athletes: Fast Eats


What we feel like doing-after mega-workout or 4+ hour race...



Too tired to cook more than open a frozen bag of vegs and nuking the contents...or snapping open a can of something... too hungry to wait for delivery or literally walking maybe 50 yards to scour carefully prepared foods at a local grocery store...

New Products...that satisfy---are healthy  -without artificial stuff...are practically effortless-and tasty!

BUON APPETITE! Brooklyn based Victoria-makers of all sorts of tasty tomato sauce help us banish memories of SpaghettiOs (uh oh) FOR SURE...with the new Victoria Chef Collection of prepared pastas in authentic sauces-pre-cooked just heat and ready to eat-and taste like you spent the time to conjure up yourself. Meaning, the pasta texture is correct-chewy-al dente, the sauce aromatic flavors are fresh tasting (no metal can thing going on-always a no-no with acidic tomato anything,)...and SO EASY!!! Just open the sealed glass jar. NO PREP, barely a clean-up, NO TIPPING :-)
Two flavors ... Penne Alla Vodka, Penne Marinara. Calories Victoria's Chef Collection= 190-2100 serving...a filling serving too-3 per 24 oz jar. Vegan, Vegetarian, Kosher.

Penne Alla Vodka-fresh plum tomatoes, garlic, real cheese, fresh onion+basil+oregano-creamy (cheers, milk)  sauce delicious!
Marinara...whole plum tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic, onions
Fluffy Norwegian Forest Cat did not partake cause her parents ate the  whole bowl too fast...

kid(s) or cat-who's cuter...
Fast easy way to get the benefits of anti-inflammatory turmeric root (organic-with supercritical extract black pepper, lemon balm, gotu kola)-in a pleasantly warm, aromatic spicy blend  of vanilla  chai &cardamon, cinnamon, ginger-also loaded with prebiotics supports intentional flora-portable Gaia single packets -are genius -just tear open and sprinkle on cut fresh fruit like pineapple (yummy!).

Thursday, June 15, 2017

DADs (and grads) GIFTSPERATIONS Part 3

Beachgoers, outdoor chefs, guys on the go-some ideas for durable gear/day haulers-for camping/grilling/sipping.


Have a seat...
GCI OUTDOOR Big Surf with SunShade-4 position aluminum beach chair-adjustble shade (UPF 50 fabric)  rotates 270 degrees front-to-back or can collapse completely neat-underneath seat -there's a slide out aluminum table with beverage holder. $70

Shine on-portable power and light...

NITE IZE makes so many handy gear/gadget items-we wonder what smart just sits around and comes up with this stuff..."DISCOVER YOUR SOLUTION" indeed! Pictured-the portable, weather tough lightweight Radiant 300  Rechargeable LED lantern with both red+white (multi-mode switch-low-medium-high)  LED modes, 2 integrated USB ports (micro to charge up lantern-larger USB port- charges other small devices), carabiner style handle, battery indicator, 2600mAh rechargeable battery. $44.99
included in the above Radiant 300-USB cable and dual purpose carry+light diffusing bag.
Get those cords under control...or attache things securely ...we collect all sizes and colors-of these rubber GEARTIE® --- so incredible handy-now come in Mega size too. 

DADS (and grads) Gadget/Gear Giftsperations

Part 2
Outdoors-on land or sea- essentials...for the guys going outdoor spaces-far flung places...who we depend on to have have survival skills...


Survival Medical Kits:

Survival Medical  products include handy sealed survival preparedness,  outdoors and marine kits contain life saving-first aid essentials  in convenient lightweight packs...that even float!
Tuffcountry Extreme and above-Offshore Tool Kit pictured above-but other activity focused -or (bad) situation (think over-up Pandemic) packs and serious buckets full of be prepared for anything items. Available at stores like Cabela's priced around $9.99 up to complete buckets $595

COBRA JUMPAKS+POWER PACKS-give one of these UL certified waterproof jump starters for the family vehicle-state of the art JumPack XL H2O (available soon $169.95) 2 ways to jumpstart-one using traditional jumper cables and a secondary option allows car to start via 12 volt port inside the car! PLUS emergency flashlight (strobe+ SOS flash), a compact UL 2347 certified portable power pack w/ 12,000mAh battery w/ dual each 3 amp USB outputs to rapidly charge  two 5 VOLT portable devices simultaneously.Easy to read LED status light too.  Charges up via  12V DC charger or a 120V AC wall charger. 

GO PURE pod-Imported from Ireland-breakthrough portable IS a water purifier game the bottom of this glass container..or just drop into a portable water bottle-and is idiot proof and long lasting-removes 99% lead, +arsenic, 97% chlorine and fluoride, toxic metals, VOCs etc. Inside the pod is a food grade, highly pours PuriBloc ceramic that continuously attracts and absorbs impurities, balances pH -and even releases trace minerals....for fresh sips.BONUS POINTS-member of 1% NSF certified. FAQ-effective up to 6 months-264 gallons of water-in a vessel holding up to 3 liters is best...$24.95

Go Pure pod for pet water bowls too...leave there- keeps water pure for months-just top off as needed. Handy.

OTTER BOX...accessorizes smartphones -expands its protective mission with this very cool dry box -for personal electronics/gear-like fish hooks- that are 'mission critical.'With stainless steel hinge and latch pins for the long haul, the DRYBOX 3250 Series-pictured above-is stackable, waterproof, and very secure. Meets IP68 requirements-protects the inside stuff- down to 90 ft of water for 30 minutes.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

DADS (and grads) New Outdoor Watches=Gifts

Armitron Adventure. Casio Pro Trek Smart

Bedazzled watches geared towards outdoor guys- go way beyond time keeping with built-in under the display software that might function even better than those collectible Swiss watches engineering feats...but are way more affordable.

Top Pics:
Armitron Adventure collection-new affordable time keepers with multi-functional rugged attributes ($55-$140)-have geek appeal but nice,  classic styling of a dress watches. Pictured-Stainless Steel Analog Adventure Watch -with adjustable link bracelet-3 day and date subdials and luminous hour+minute hands. Water resistant up to 330feet. $140.00
Also available-the Solar model-never need to charge-no battery replacement needed. Attributes-altimeter, barometer, compasses as well as activity trackers-calorie consumption, etc.

Smart Outdoor Watch by Pro Trek by Casio-new models WSD-F20 -in orange or black-runs Android Wear 2.0 by Google- (new watch operation system)has energy efficient accurate GPS map (can download ahead of time) can synch up to satellites if out of 4G range -comes with AC adapter +special charger cable-water tough till 50 meters, 1.32inch dual layer LED display -has capacitive touchscreen-glass of screen is anti-dirt coated, microphone, vibrator alert, pairs up via Bluetooth-WIFI-with Android-and iOS. 3 buttons, also functional-built-in sensors - w/ altitude, air pressure sensor, accelerometer, gyrometer, compass (magnetic) sensor. as well as pre-loaded software for the great outdoors-like Activity App with functions for hikers, fishing types, cycling, snow+paddle sports. $500 MIL Standard Compliant-water resistant to 5 bars.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

DADS (and grads) Best Gifts-Gear/Gadgets


Rugged types or in need of creature matter the man---here's a bunch of want-its gifts for the Dads (or grads) who get outdoors...
Part One


YETI's legendary coolers downsize and lighten up with this handsome Hopper  soft cooler (several sizes) made of waterproof /leakproof DRYHIDE™Shell-resists mildew/punctures, inside liner FDA food grade a-ok, Coldwell Insulation™closed cell rubber foam keeps contents cool. Sleek looking too. Pictured with accessory attachment-multi-tool Molle Zinger and Yeti Bottle Key...on the Hitchpoint™ Grid
can't put a dent (practically) in these handy TRAVEL Tumblers by hauler specialists PELICAN-all fit into 99% of cup holders...come in 22oz and 32oz sizes for big gulpers. High polished 18/8 BPA free stainless steel, copper plated inner wall  and vacuum insulation-keeps liquids hot or cold, comes with spill resistant slide lid. 5 color options.
Handy types -probably obsess over the engineered multi-tools (several size versions including TSA worthy carry-on ones) by SOG. The PowerGrab has 19 tools (including pliers, gripper soft wire cutter, hard wire cutter, crimes, 3-sided file, can opener, small, medium, large flathead screwdrivers, awl,  scissors, straight blade, magnetic Hex Bit driver, Phillips screwdriver, bottle opener, ¼" driver, fully serrated blade, rulers, and optional Hex Bit kit includes additional 12 tools!!!)- Made of stainless steel and comes in a GRN or nylon pouch... with choice of satin polish w/ Hex Bit and nylon sheaf ($134) or satin polish with modeled sheath ($110). Impressive!
For comfort seating during summery al fresco jaunts outside-in the park or atop a mountain, or comfort sleeping on multi-day treks in the wilderness, say hello to cult fav KLYMIT. Pictured-Klymit Double V $129.95 is 2 human sized version of fav Static V-with signature body mapping technology and unique v-chamber design limits air movement+ side rails that limit you rolling off in the middle of the night. Better-packs down so mall-and includes a dry sack pump for quick +easy inflation (8-10 pumps). Weighs 40.5 oz-size 46" x 74" x 3", Fabric 75D polyester (durable) with R value 1.6 (thermal insulation from a cold ground)
stuff sack
Part 2

Monday, June 12, 2017

DADS (and grads)-Best Gifts -Athlete/Street Apparel


Cooling looking/wearing performance garb.. . courtesy of the best small label athletic brands deliver wardrobe friendly  separates. Bonus-all are easy care travel pieces -ready for anywhere indoor gyms -and the great outdoors ---PERFECT for the buff or those with Dad bods.
(Judgement Free Zone).

SAXX Underwear makes every guy's fave briefs-boxers (really BF approved!!!)-smartly branches out into  performance separates for run/training this season. The Kinetic shorts deliver in a bunch of lengths-made of quick drying-fabric w/ some stretch...the inner  breathable supportive micro mesh inner briefs have the signature BallPark Pouch™...the short sleeve tops (3SIXFIVE or Ultra TRI-BLEND)-classic good looks made of super prima cotton-or super soft feel fabric blend, respectively.
RHONE's premium activewear/fitness offerings are stylishly urban friendly too...uses top of the line performance textiles -like  Polartec Power Grid™ for primo moisture management, fast drying -lightweight easy care...and Power Stretch™moisture wicking with elastic for movers needing dry comfort from sweat too...or Delta fabric infused GoldFusion technology that fights odors -wicks away moisture and has built in UV protection too.. The Sequoia Air ¼ zip pictured...disperses sweat -has casual but not sloppy fit-wear golfing or on cooler morning hikes up in the mountains $98. We like the triple X logo pop of shoulder seam...subtle but distinctive!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Road Trip Essentials: Light Kicks For Travel



Lightweight, cushioning,  sport functioning-and lifestyle good looks-there are plenty of worthy choices by dress and athletic brands... that narrow down footwear travel needs to a pair or two.

SAUCONY LIFE ON THE RUN... lifestyle collection-uses brand's cushioning and long lasting proprietary foam length of the midsole that is long lasting. Pictured-LiteForm delivers July 1, 2017. Insanely lightweight-all day comfort-stretch mesh upper-breathable -and lacing system assures great fit as does footbed inside cards the foot with just enough support...really could do a trail hike, day jog, or sight-seeing journey... in this one kick.
Sebago-started out in Maine as the original hand sewn Dockside boat shoes...for Spring-we're loving this Docksides Ariaprene™ (neoprene-like) genuine moccasin construction kick- with non-corrosive nickel free eyelets -  with toggle-elastic bungee closure system for great imagined water friendly comfort-has the brand's internal outsole cavities at heel and forepart (stability), cushioning Ortholite® foam, anti-microbial, mesh covered removable perforated EVA footbed...atop non-marking outsole, Men's and Women's color options $85
OluKai footwear for the island lifestyle has branched out into sporty covered kicks for everyday off the beach. Nice mix-up of textures...knit/mesh Nohea Moki -(M-several colors$95) slips on and off-kid version too-the dual density PU footbed w/ gel insert, microfiber cover  is removable/washable-all w/ no-tie bungee lace. Quick drying and breathable-good for beach to street,

The non-marking rubber outsoles---pods actually grip...look cool too.

dropped heel

Nohea Moki Mesh version -ultra lightweight mesh version-w/ drop in heel $85 Similar insides as above.
There are beachy rubber flip-flops-and then there are engineered comfort supported ones-that can handle all the pounding on concrete sidewalks, comfortably- as well as sandy strolls, OBOZ Footwear makes some of the best fitting hiking/lifestyle shoes-turns out these for the summer-with the brand's legendary fit. Pictured the men's -women's SELWAY flips $55 with springy EVA midsole, and same supportive shape of O Fit Insole™

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

DADs (and grads) Best Gifts

Ahhhh-another gift giving ideas for??? Those that add to life's experiences...

For the Dad (or guy grad)-that knew Goldman Sachs was going to be a winner no matter who won the election...MEANING-the practical type...

We say-skip the fancy labels...and go for the custom or rugged...


Customize the signature original Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot- MADE IN THE USA! Men's & Women's available $400...materials, stitching, tongue, footbed, outsole etc-all for unique looks -lifelong wear.

Wrangler's limited edition vintage flavored unlined 70th year anniversary Retro Jacket-indigo shade 100% cotton-handsome choice-turn down collar, button up front  and rivet studded pleats. $$110

Obsessed a bit-HydroFlask custom delivers wide mouth or standard-multiple bottle sizes-of double wall stainless steel insulated liquid haulers for hours of hot or cold sipping. See that back shelf-those  are just some of the tones available...lid-choices- Flex Cap-screws top or Hydro Flip-controls the flow, bottle and boot options combos...$34. FUN!!!!
Super cool with out effort-Carhartt durable outerwear is set to deliver this rugged  CHORE JACKET in denim  in honor of its big centennial (late summer eta)  For now...available lined in heavy weight  100% ring-spun cotton duck that is water tough, lined and has an under-collar snaps for optional hood attachments...and  polyester insulated version-$119=same good looks-triple stitched at main seams, rivet reinforced  upper and lower pockets and bi-swing back w/ panels between the shoulders  for less restriction in movement

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Wines of SW France+French Fries: Wine Enthusiast 3rd Soirée


Oui, Oui...French Fries gone The Smith Restaurant...Fries with brandied mushroom aioli, white truffle, melange peppercorns

Competition of sorts...but honestly---french fries cooked professionally are always really good to great...especially when paired with selections of wines from southwest France.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Road Trip Essentials: Sunglasses


Feeling the need for a road trip...maybe to Canada????
Presidential realities aside, classic shapes of  sunglasses-are always those that are well made-with tech features like complete UV blocking, adjustable nosepieces (no slip), and durable frames/lenses...are made -for everywhere.
REMO TULLIANI-photochromactic lenses darken as needed 95% UV and IR blocking. For medium-small faces-DESIRE $185 Hand crafted in ITALY

REMO TULLIANI-Cats-eye shape-fits women as well as men...$185

RAEN-men's and women's -polarizied shades-acetate -and or/metal frames

Sunday, June 4, 2017

DDB Spring Market 2017 ART X DESIGN


Decoration & Design Building
979 3rd Ave (Between 58th & 59th Streets)
New York, NY 10022

SINCE every home is one's castle-we checked out the stunning offerings located in the showrooms of one of NY Design world's most celebrated destination-the Decoration & Design Building during NYC's design week...with an event theme of Art X Design..

Specifically the all day event included experts and luminaries from the vast Art industry and invited attendees to enrich their art acumen through the curated selection of esteemed resources that comprised the comprehensive Market program; 3 Keynotes, 14 In-Showroom Programs, 3 Cocktail Receptions, 2 Special Events, and 58 Open Houses. In addition, most showrooms were introducing new and exciting collections.
Textured beauties crafted by hand- inspired by a glam St. Petersburg soirée "White Nights" at Catherine's Palace-designed  by Larry Hokanson -custom sizes by Scott Group Studio-the same company that made the 'real' Oval Office rug with the signature-USA eagle-and a VERY similar one for CBS's Madam Secretary.  

Keynotes of the day included Break from Tradition: How Art of the 20th Century Shapes Design. Artistic masterpieces – from the Old Masters to Impressionists and Modernists – are no longer solely the purview of the museum exhibition or gallery walls, but rather are cherished focal points in the homes of collectors. Designing a space that seamlessly incorporates an important work, while celebrating its significance and protecting its integrity, is no easy feat, but should be highly rewarding. Town & Country Editor in Chief Stellene Volandes discussed this and more at the Donghia showroom as she moderated a panel of art and design experts, including Molly Ott-Ambler, Senior Vice President, Senior Specialist of Impressionist and Modern Art at Sotheby’s; Designer Stephen Sills, renowned for his skillful work with priceless works of art; and Sophie Matisse, artist in her own right and great-granddaughter to Henri Matisse, one of the most influential artists of all time, whose works continue to impact contemporary artists in their practice today. Each panelist shared valuable expertise and insight.