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The Perfect Pairings-French Cheese-Wine


French Cheese Board 41 Spring Street, NYC
 The French Cheese Board-is a destination for cheese lovers...and a delicious boutique with the mission of making everyone who crosses the threshold-lovers of the delectable cheeses of France. 
French cheeses are of the  'terroir' as wines are-with distinct tastings

Events and classes...feature French wines that pair well with the specialties of the house.

cheese boards...include mix of hard, soft-cow-goat milk cheeses

fig jam-works well atop camembert cheese 
Chateau Des Bormettes-is a family owned vineyard, located 50 meters from the Mediterranean Sea, near Nice, France. Selections from this vineyard-paired with three cheeses...

The Chateau Des Bormettes L'Argentier Rosé was our fav wine of the night-pair with ripened goat cheese- Crottin de Chauvignol -a full flavored nutty creamy cheese. 
Popular Comté-is a semi-hard nutty cheese - pairs well with the Hèléne Blanc white wine- dry and fruity.

The red wine-Instinct Parcellaire Rouge-sharp tannins-pairs with the Camembert Fermier...

French Cheese Bard-sells well priced delicacies and perfect cheese  accessories

Events and classes-French Cheese Board...include wines and cheeses

Tip: Take cheese out one hour prior to serving...

Top Picks:
Red Burgundies ideal section for well rounded red wines-that pair well with most bold cheeses...
From Michael Corso Selections-VIAS Imports Ltd.- Grand Portfolio Tasting.
Domaine Gille Nuits- Les Brulees   Saint-Georges 100% Pint Noir 2012
on right-Cave Chevalier "Marius" Croze-Hermitage 100% Syrah, on left Domaine Raspail-Ay Gigondas Grenache-Syrah, Mourvèdre 2014
Chateau Sainte Eulalie "La Cantiléne" Minervois - La Livinière