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Part 2

Graduation sprees, family road may not be the destination but the journey...still need tough luggage options for all your stuff-coming along for the ride...and long haul home.

Thule-makes protection for valuables - personal electronics cases -bike travel bags/racks-BUT ALSO keeps adding to their truly fab series of tricked out backpacks and roller bags that mesh tech functions with sleek urban design silhouettes...and is clearly why we see this brand on hiking trails and on city subways.

THULE SUBTERRA collection -city chic-'soft' packs but tough made options for all kinds of journeys.-pictured above the black carry-on is a durable 2 wheeler made of weather resistant 800D nylon-with features like built in id slot, interior with divided main compartments, quick access to keys, wallet-zippered via mesh pocket up top, piggyback strap attachment loop allows for additional bag to be strapped on a pictured above, telescoping handles, durable exoskeleton and moved polycarbonate back panel to survive baggage handler toss, and 3 grab handles-top, bottom, sides, 

Thule -Subterra Carry-On interior...mesh separates dirty-clean laundry very handy!

Thule Subterra Carry On 40 L and smaller Backpack 34L   -both kinda hybrid back packs -also pictured up top atop roller securely attaches to rolling luggage via the pass through panel where hide passport-but access quickly, backstraps adjustable-removable sternum strap, padded EVA shoulder straps with mesh covering and padded back panel, top, side bottom grab handles, on bottom part not shown-actually separate compartment for shoes/dirty laundry, interior removable laptop/tablet sleeve-includes a PowerPocket-that manages cords, quick access to keys, wallet, and smaller items through zippered mesh pocket up top.
PELICAN™ AIR luggage collection-brand new-joins this company's crushproof-waterproof photographer must haves and elite luggage series. Very nifty-reduces the weight of the carry-on-and check in bags...with clever removals aka "structural removals". All selections are made of the brand's proprietary HPX ™ resist, honeycomb structural elements that are stronger than polymer material and super-stiff "full box" sections -to create hollow parts-like from sides of the pull-up handle seen on left.

Other features-stainless steel hasp protectors, rubber overloaded handles, watertight O-Ring gasket, automatic purge valve balances pressure, removable polycarbonate card holder, concave lid shape, double throw latches keeps it shut. COOL. The carry on 1535 even comes in four colors-black, orange, yellow, silver.
Carry on #1535 Carry On $187.50 for empty case-up to $315 for TrekPak system...the 1615 check in $255 check-in up to $427.50 for TrekPak System-largest size of series 14.06 lbs size 29.59"x15.50"x9.38"

!485 smallest of six sizes. 4.75 lbs-17.75"x10.18"x6.15"