Thursday, May 4, 2017


Pet Gear-a royal chariot for dogs

PETS GLOBAL family of brands...including Zignature treats="limited ingredient formula"-the Kangaroo formula-lean protein- was most popular-note-chicken free products as dogs can be allergic to poultry...also NO eggs, potatoes, gluten, tapioca, corn, soy--- and grain free-traceable ingredients. Good for dogs of all ages. 

FUSSIE CAT-16 can recipes  (over 80% moisture providing key necessary hydration)) and 3 dry food flavors (made in the USA, grain+potato free)...Cats Call The Shots Around Here™ nutrient dense mad in an FDA approved kitchen-high quality protein+essential amino acids

Salmon+Chicken Fussie Cat -cats are true carnivores and fussy-so it's usually a week to 2 week process to transition cats to new dry food.

POPULAR-plenty of takers for these Buddy Belts harnesses (leather and new synthetic leather)-available in 12 sizes

C'MiMi-cute cute cute. Handmade in Morocco outfits-including custom work- for bridal party canines as an example...

Puppy Pan- for tiny dogs, bunnies and especially senior cats with that lower entrance.  In small and large sizes.-different colors $19.99/$29.99
DOZERS Dental Chews-4 sizes-helps teeth-8 all natural ingredients-gluten free/non-GMO-unique shape gets in between teeth scrubs them clean-made in the USA

thought this interesting-KETUNPET VEGAN DOG FOOD-(major protein source is soy)no cholesterol, gluten or antibiotics -no artificial colors/flavors....animal cruelty free-especially helpful for chubby dogs, older dogs, with dedicated formulas for puppies and senior furry citizens. Bag design keeps moisture out....complete nutrition for dogs
Felt CAT CAVES by Walking Palm- made from all natural wool.def a purr-fect upgrade from all those cardboard boxes from

Comfort Food for dogs-include oatmeal!!!!Four flavor pack-like cinnamon Apple Pie- reads like the human kind...made the same way adding hot water. Other canine snacks-how about Comfort Creams-lactose free ice cream!
Legally sold -we asked THERABIS 3 formulas for dogs...names succinctly sum up the functions......Veterinary crafted hemp derived cannabinoids....the above formulas (powders)and has no THC-so no buzzes. 
Push Pushi pet clothing is made in Santa Rosa CA...pictured has a neat rain-snow coat  alternative idea-that doesn't obstruct eyes/ears-more like an adjustable hood (patented!) ...also has Pet Carriers-TSA approved