Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Part 3: Portable Human Carry Options for the long distance or races ... safe options for BYO
LifeStraw by Westergaard, Osprey Dyna Series, Nalgene, Aladdin Earthscape™ Collection

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A must for adventurers -these LIFESTRAW STEEL lightweight (5.6oz) sipping straws are ideal for ultra marathoners/hikers/bikers and of course, travelers--offering complete confidence in water sipped from nature's sources like mountain streams...
the 2-stage filtration process removes bacteria and protozoa and reduces organic chemical matter and chlorine. Plus comes apart for easy cleaning later on and the filter capsule is replaceable. Added bonus-water tastes delicious...BPA Free and no chemicals used.  BONUS: Follow the Liters program, for every LifeStraw product sold, a child in a developing country receives clean, safe drinking water for an entire school year.

LIFESTRAW two stage BPA free water bottle...available in five colors...guards against unwanted GI distress from race water supplies-and airline water...and is a staple in our triathlon transition/travel bags-uses replaceable activated carbon capsule to reduce bad taste, chlorine and organic chemical matter for up to 100 liters (26 gallons)., uses advanced hollow fiber membrane technology (0.2 microns) to remove waterborne bacteria and protozoa up to 1,000 liters (264 gallons), removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria (>LOG 6 reduction), including E-Coli, removes 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites (>LOG 3 reduction), including Giardia & Cryptosporidium, reduces turbidity, filtering down to 0.2 micron, replacement hollow fiber membrane cartridges available, replacement carbon capsules available, does NOT use iodine or iodinized resin. $44.95 

Backpack/adventure luggage specialists OSPREY specifically shaped Hydration packs for hike/bike-and trail running-women's silhouette in the Dyna series...."...built for speed..."w/ easy access hydration to reservoir
room for water bottles (stretchy side sleeves)
Osprey Duro 6 Hydration pack for trail running $110 (w/1.5L)-adjustable fit-plenty of spots to stash gels/bars
OSPREY HYDRATION OPTIONS trail running-in back DYNA 1.5 $90  -specific women's streamlined running vest-body hugging fit-for bounce free carrying-in 2 sizes xs/s and s/m-comes wHydraulics™ LT 1.5L Reservoir. In the front OSPREY DURO men's/DYNA-women's handheld bottle $30 each- and belt/bottle carry options  (men's-DYNO Solo, women's-DYNA Solo $40 each)
For kids of all ages-NALGENE nails it with the licensed Marvel Collecton -featuring images of fav superheroes from comics and movie acclaim...FUN.  Made in the USA-  the cap are constructed specifically for these bottles, seal lid is directly in the cap- so there is no liner needed for air tight fit...easy to close up tight. Heavy duty walls for durability-after all kids drop stuff and the inner wall corners curve inward for ez cleaning. Recyclable too. BPA free mode form 100% virgin resin -FDA food compliant too. $15
For SoulCycle addicts- fashionistas types -meet the most stylish liquid holders out there...ALADDIN's Earthscape™ Collection-of vacuum insulated stainless steel Fresco Twist and Go water bottles $24.99 and stainless steel vacuum tumblers 30oz tumblers w/ removable straw $19.99. Pictured are some soon to launch (Summer-Fall 2017) images. ALADDIN-which win-win-collabs w/ The Nature Conservancy...and is committed to using sustainable material, ethical production -lowering emissions....as stated on its website

on left -Waves Fresco -on pre-order $24.99-see the 2 way lid-water bottle top twists off at the neck for easy cleaning or to dump ice in the bottom, fast! Leakproof close...keeps beverages cold for 8 hours...or iced for 16. Naturally-BPA free.