Friday, April 21, 2017

Resident Magazine Celebrates THE Fabulous Wendy Williams

Resident Magazine
Celebrated April 2017 Cover Star
Wendy Williams
Lovage Rooftop, 350 West 40th Street, NYC

This past Wednesday night's celebration of "The Diva of Dish" Wendy William's Resident Magazine cover/interview hosted by Publisher Michael Travin, Associate Publisher Melissa Kassis, and Editor-In-Chief Hillary Latos-had us cheering for this glamorous gal-who has a nationally syndicated, entertaining talk show -AND many acclaimed radio, Broadway and film performances to her credit. 
Melissa Kassis, Wendy Williams, Hillary Latos (Photo Credit: Andrew Werner Photography)
Looking fabulous as always, and unlike male celebrities-actually taller than assumed, Wendy Williams drew out the crowd- deftly balancing a sharp wit with the comedic timing of a stand-up is super gracious and personable-no wonder her television show is a daytime Emmy Winner! 
We'll never forget a benefit we attended where Mrs. Williams made the introductory remarks for her guest of honor BF, now Senator Cory Booker-who at the time, was  a Newark Mayor. Her eloquence (followed by quite the rafter roof raising speech) -had us glued to her daytime talk show the next day. FUN!

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