Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Small Batch DRINKS: Upscale Sips

International Restaurant+Foodservice Tradeshow: Javits Center


Part 1

The non-partisan kind of de-regulation all political types can embrace (most likely)-NY State has happily erupted into a craft brew, distillery, home grown alcohol liquids' destination-thanks to change of laws a few years back.
FYI-neither he nor Trump drink alcohol...in "real life"

ADDITIONALLY-on display -high-end cocktail accompaniments and soda slayers-made with natural ingredients-including sweeter stevia.
All widely available too---

Non-Alcohol Drinks/Mixes

IMMUNE SCHEIN Ginger Elixirs-Hudson Valley small batch made- shots or cocktail mixer sizes-of healthy ginger sips (bumped up with Tumeric, Garlic-or exotic florals (Lavender) ...detox benefits popular in Western Europe
Toma artisanal bloody mary mix-tangy and tarty made with company's own chipotle tomatillo sauce, sriracha, and steak sauce-can drink this without liquor-for alcohol free wakeup call.

UBON's Bloody Mary Mix-another addition to brunch all day life-distinct southern twist-refs Memphis BBQ heritage...think Worcestershire sauce, tomato puree, sugar, vinegar, molasses, slat, garlic, onion spices+concentrated lemon juice...

Also in our most have list-had us at zero calories---ZEVIA's new Energy Drink is already a fav of pro athletes-and as our longer workouts are occasionally fuel with Red Bull-seriously opt for this natural non-GMO verified buzzy beverage. Ironman pay attention!!!!
Delicious. Just launchned-as Zevia already has a range of stevia sweetened natural sodas-sparkling waters... for sale. 
Vegan, kosher and gluten free too

Authentic Ginger Ale-is probably one of the most popular soda alternatives out there...these by Brooklyn based Bruce Cost (named after partner+ prolific restauranteur)-come in several versions to drink straight up or mixed up with fav booze.
Unfiltered Ginger Beer...

we wish we took more samples of Brooklyn Organics crafty ginger ale home.YUMMY -zero calories and USDA organic, gluten free, non-GMO. WIN WIN WIN WIN...sister company of the aforementioned Bruce Cost beverages...no wonder it won the People's Choice Award at the show...