Friday, March 31, 2017



Back in the day-sitdown meals ruled-but since middle school days-it seems real deal snacks,  on the go...are waaay better suited to lifestyles now.

NOTE: AND it's not just cereal anymore, our former,  easy to pour dinner entree---
BIG DEAL:  NYC Public Schools get points for dumping sugar loaded Kellogs' offerings- giving the over quarter of million breakfast eating-kids our fav USDA Organic-and traceable Back To the Roots ready to eat cereals instead -(pursuant to a student taste test TOO-yay).

New eats-for food grab and goers...not just for kids...
quick make P+Bs (or any f the new nut butters)...slather on Rudy's organic breads-in child friendly flavors...squishy in a good way -Soft White and Soft Wheat have textures like the 'other' brands without the junk AND with 24g of whole grains/serving, vegan+dairy free $4.29.

KEFIR CUPS by Lifeway NEW snack is a better, healthier take on Chobani ones (no palm oil for one). Available now- delish Organic Kefir Cup in 7 flavors-including naturale unsweetened-and mix it up.crunchy granola, dessert worthy cherry chocolate chunks, blueberry lavender, strawberry reshape, tart, tangy honey and our fav fruity mango passionfruit. All blessed with 12 active probiotic cultures that are great for the gut, made from cow milks that are thoroughly hormone free, gluten free-11-13 grams of protein, calcium- and only 90 calories.  5oz  with tiny spoon-are convenient too.  

Bye Bye Boring-Cottage Cheese is getting the glam greek yogurt treatment by MUUNA-serving up low fat, 15-19 grams protein packed -filling-containers. Fruit flavors-have 11 grams of sugar...have real deal chunks on the bottom-authentic-not fake-which is huge in terms of taste. Form 90-130 calories for half container serving -we tried the low fat plain-creamy enough to pass for the whole milk version. No artificial sweeteners/flavors, kosher and gluten free.
Popped YUMAMI Nori Chips-are instantly crave worthy-inhaleable (trust us -you will eat the whole snack bag of this crunchy chip/cracker hybrid). SMART--now paired with go-dips-creamy smooth pasty texture...packed with plant protein+fiber-reved up taste buds with Asian flavors-like umami-which gives salty seasoning that health raw food anti-inflammatory eaters swear  by, tamarin and white miso, Non-GMO, gluten-nut-dairy free-the snacks all have some chickpeas too-available in Adzuki Bean Ginger Ponzu, Edamame Green Pea Wasabi, Lentil Roasted Onion Shitake and spicy Black Bean Yuzu Chili with onion/chili/garlic powders. Nutrition-delivers 6-G protein and 6G of fiber. TASTY, $4.99...find in ny area stores-and now 29 NE Whole Foods....