Saturday, March 25, 2017

ACTIVE BEAUTY-Help for Tortured Tresses

Hair Masques At Home Treatments

toss-able hair...needs good hair product help to achieve

The old and the new hair masques and bond healers (Olaplex/Brazilian Bond Builder/Aloxxi -3 of our favs)-all heal and repair hair a single at home treatment options.

Easy enough to use- all are best applied on dry locks, that gets tucked into plastic cap-let 'stew' at least 30 minutes...

Multi-taskers -good for all hair types-and specific treatments- coincidentally-our favs-are by cult favs  French based LEONOR GREYL and JF Lazatigue...both brand that leave out the ingredients luscious locks need to avoid (SLS, paraben, silicone, coal tar, sodium chloride FREE).

Masque Quintessence
-indulgent blends of healing Cupuacu and Manketti nut oils heal and moisturize so much-that after the first treatment-hair is noticeably more touchable/softer... AND even hands will thank-you after applying. Bonus Points: Packaging that befits a luxury product...worthy of dressing table placement-with gold metallic jar elegantly set inside premium cardboard box with metallic fold trim.
J.F. Lazartigue's Masque-Shea Butter- is a go to thick hair revitalizer for those famous ladies that can afford any hair savior. Loaded with African shea butter's nutrient dense,  rich help that protects tresses -revitalizing fried/dried for whatever reason..At $54-thickest luscious value hair masque we use. Smells divine too.

Handy single packs by Double Dare-good for travelers....
3 in 1 Kit Hair Repair System-includes 98.6% natural ingredient shampoo (lavender, rosemary), Recovery Protein Treatment (Fatty acids hair healers)-apply on dried locks is best -afterwards place the self warming collagen and keratin infused mask cap-leave on minimum ten minutes. No surprise-from S. Korea-the land that gave birth to innovative facial masks. 

West VA inspired- Briogeo founder NANCY TWINE-holds up her  Don't Despair, Repair-a white, creamy formula for dry, brittle hair-over processed, color treated -or undamaged with vitamin B vitamins, reshape and argan oils replenishing locks. 
L'Oreal Garnier-Eco bonus points mass market hair products...packaging made from recycled plastic