Sunday, December 11, 2016


GEAR for outdoors-for mountain/lakes to ocean locales...Part 2


"I'm a going fishing...too..."

TENKARA USA "only a rod, line & fly" (no reel) embraces the Japanese traditional method if fly-fishing that uses 'only' the aforementioned -simplicity, precise casting-for those with skills (noted) using only the truly essentials...thereby making this fast growing way to spend time-much more accessible to backpackers as well as anglers anywhere.
Daniel W. Galhardo-founder-leading light of TENKARA USA -shows the telescoping design (portable) of this rod-allows for much longer lengths than typical western rod...but it's fly-fishing-not cane-pole fishing...
The One Knot-for all level line and tippet connections
keeper holds two tenkara lines or tenkara line and snippet-pictured with a fly secured onto one of the notches

Tenkara Strap Pack-entire kit -fits in here-can be clipped to belt or to backpack straps $30...currently back-ordered

Tenkara USA Flies-Pack of 3
Tenkara USA pack of 12 flies. $29 3 of each kind offered-  the Amano kebari, the Ishigaki kebari, the Oki kebari and the Takayama kebari
Bollé Virtuose  $169.99 Snow Goggles-has one click intuitive lens  interchangeability for varying conditions...PLUS
 wide filed of visioning a comfy tripe foam  mask-great seal too...UV protection, double lens- anti-fog layer in the inner lens with Flow-Tech venting keeps moisture out from inside surface-keeps airflow when heartbeats are up...or just clammy out...Carbo-Glas® anti-scratch. Comes with replacement lens as standard equipment.
sign us up -as soon as the mercury dips..ThermaCELL ProFLEX Heavy Duty heated insoles-$199.99 control via an app-Bluetooth-can last up to 8.5 hours of heat (depending)...layered/flexible  foam construction provides comfort+mobility -Poron anti-microbial shock absorbing cushion battery cover... is comfy, highly water resistant, rechargeable using the included wall charger or any powered USB port...takes 2 hours tops, 3 temperature settings.

RENOUN SKIS-a B to C game changer skis with High Dampening Technology-polymer used for years in military applications-soft under low stress and harder under high stress...impact shock absorption when needed-on ice...with powder snow getting more pliable ski. Plus adapts with level of skier's ability.  Reminds us of Spyder intro-ed years ago in their racing ski wear. COOL. 100 days ski trial period...several models including Endurance  98 All Mountain $1,145
YAKTRAX -adjustable sized carbon steel spikes...traction excellence now-has new SUMMIT that grip the ice-slick snowy conditions in a brilliant pairing up with BOA CLOSURE System. YES! easy on -off and fits most footwear. $90

OTTERBOX durable accessories for smartphones...serve up cases with drop-proof protection-inner touchscreen protection too, port covers keep dust/dirt out. There's also a nifty uniVERSE case system that connect swappable modules -think lenses-in slim-sleek design. Other accessories-include pictured-Trippler Tripod four in one design grip, pole, stand...and on right Stance $29.99 compact tripod