Saturday, December 17, 2016

Beauty + Accessory Solutions-That Travel

Positive changes should not wait till a new calendar year...including gift worthy solutions to minor annoyances... good for gals on the go...


For Dry Hair
BCL aka Be Care Love Naturals -pictured- Shampoo, Conditioner, Daily Miracle Mist and Leave In Conditioner-offers aromatic (lavender oil-controls breakage) intense hydration for thirsty locks-with deeply moisturizing avocado oil + carrot seed oil- as conditioning ingredients, plus organic soy protein  -strengthens hair. Our favs-the very travel friendly products-multi-taskers- daily miracle mist-which is super lightweight-and offers up heat protection when using dryers on wet hair-something even usually drip dry types do in freezing weather....and... the creamy solid like leave in conditioner-should last a long time-a tsp size-rub on hair-then through hair roots-ends -tames the frizzes+hair static....or scoop up a tbsp to de-tangle hair in the shower- handy way to travel with conditioner.

Chapped Hands
Parodi daily use hand moisturizing cream in TSA friendly 2 oz tube ($25) was developed for salon professionals -as a solution to dried out hands courtesy of frequent wash-ups. Non-greasy, fast sinking in and really hydrating (with shea butter and evening primrose oil). There's also a moisturizing foot smoothing exfoliant for feet---easy to use- in the shower-has tiny granules that wear down calluses-help flake off dead skin cells...just leave on a minute for moisture to sink in-then rise. Feet-are flip-flop ready...for warmer weather treks.

Cleaner Brushes
The Brush Guard™ new graphite guards are musts for make-up junkies-a stretchable, breathable, eco-friendly tube-slip in brush after washing preserves the shape-and prevents fraying of these beauty tools that can be rather price-y investment. SMART. Kit includes 8 guards...$12.95-also available in clear. Slide them on---and air dry---before packing away=protected bristles for one's makeup kit. A Squeaky Clean Brush Shampoo- is also available-makes a perfect gift for makeup junkies everywhere.
 Troubled Skin
FINALLY- a face mask-easy enough to pack- for blemish leaning skin-that tightens pores and reduces appearance of skin imperfections-yet also manages to NOT dry out skin-instead imparting hydration without the grease...TALIKA Bio Enzymes Mask Purifying $12...

Dry Lips Needing A Pop

Hydrating Champs éLIPséee Lip Crayons-by Votre Vu...easy to carry-stash in  coat pocket-and easy enough to apply-without a mirror (on the subway) 2 flattering colors (nude, rose) good for all skin types-imparting creamy matte-like long lasting finish. $24
Longer Nails
Supplements that work-are easy to travel with. SeaBuck Wonders-that sources Sea Buck oil  derived from the berry-and a superfood that's the ultimate plant based Omega 7, 3,9 +6 source has a supplement Ultimate Hair, Skin & Nails -vegan/gluten free (!!!) proven nail/hair grower with Biotin in a big enough dose to matter (5000 mcg) Vitamins A/E and 160 phyto-nutrients. Usually it takes us 2-3 months to see positive effects of a new supplement-but after 3 weeks we noticed our nails not breaking off at the usual (non) length. YAY. $34.95

Application Perfection-Foundation
Of course-Glam 21's fab What's Up ILL foundation mixer in a clickable sponge topped applicator (left) - the coolest packaging -invented by a South Korean company -from a country-that is a mecca a affordable and cutting edge skincare/makeup. Love-the smooth illuminating coverage SPF 30- that is long lasting without sinking into lines...and super easy to apply with attached sponge-and note-leak-proof too. 6 colors available.  At a recent event in NYC-there were several product lines to check out-not labelled in english-  though we did notice unusual and probably not cruelty free ingredients (sheep placenta, horse oil?!?). But this Glam 21 makeup collection was fun and of good quality, probably mass merchant destined (prices of available products which fyi-can be shipped here are mostly all less than $11-)...from a company that probably does a lot of private label for bigger cosmetic names. Not pictured a rose scented matte- but moist lip crayon and winning DOUBLE SHOT EYE brow and brow gel-one end universal color-brow pencil applies easily and stays on, the other-clear setting gel with brush applicator.  
Better Wipes
There are plenty of facial wipes available...but for head to toes cleaning on the go..two individually wrapped options we rely on for post race help-when there's a lag between crossing the finish line and  hitting the showers...feminine Summer Eve' Cleansing Cloths (pH Balanced, alcohol free, hypoallergenic) and Action Wipes-InstaShower® originally developed for outdoors folks-that works just as well in cities-when there's not time between that gym class and night-time meet-ups. Bonus: certified cruelty free- vegan and EWG.

Best Weather Tough Tote
Love the rain boots-say hello to the stylish rubber totes-made from the same durable material-by L.L. Bean. Multiple colors available soon (also in all black)-inside big enough zippered pocket for valuables/keys. Perfect travel option in case wet weather is in the forecast. For now-the terrific pebbled  boot leather boat tote makes a great gift $199.

Ultimate Travel Tops
How cozy if this travel HONCHO PONCHO water resistant, 37.5 insulation (warm and moisture wicking) and with huge kangaroo pocket up front? Very-practically doubles as a quilt. By Therm-A-Rest.

UGGS-yup-the maker of those suburban staple boots...also offers very cozy knit separates, leisure wear, select pieces like warm bathrobes and socks- in select stores. We love their very stylish knit tunic-cut with extra length in back...feels as soft as silky smooth cashmere. Pair with leggings  for  any overnight flight-one will manage to take on the day looking slick not shlumpy.