Saturday, November 19, 2016


 FINIS, J.F. Lazartigue, Van Der Hagen, Billy Jealousy, JUARA Skincare

GEAR and GROOMING (Plus Holiday Gift Ideas)

Whether on a team, in a Master's meet-up, zen-ing (zoning out) a few times week, or perfecting one's stroke with focused, dedicated lessons...swimming in colder climes -indoors- requires a slew of musts (gear and body care).

FINIS-entire MO is swim swim swim...and if you think 'building' a better swim cap, goggles and training paddles-like building better mousetraps = just an expression-think again. Truly the best we have ever used of ALL the aforementioned ALL made by this California based company...
goggles/caps for racing +fitness-pictured-left-Silicone Swim Cap $7.99-durable -comfortable not a battle to get over long hair-yet provides an excellent fit...reduces drag, Lightening- Performance Racing Lens-with low profile, fused together lens/frame=low profile-eye gaskets provide a watertight seal without inducing a major headache-and adjustments are ez-via quick clip adjustment strap, delivers with interchangeable nose pieces to fit all shapes, is latex free, has anti-fog coating (def works), sun protection for eyeballs (a must-btw when swimming outdoors)-and double strap secures it to head-lessening a fear that goggles gonna get kicked off during a tri race. $13.99-$15.99 Best selling Agility Paddles $19.99-forgoes those annoying rubber straps in an über lightweight-durable- convex shape-engineered designed-provides immediate feedback if had is in positive palm position (or not)
staples design promotes early catch, comfy thumbhole -creates proper  fingers/thumb placement, good all four strokes,comes in 3 sizes S, M, L...the S is good for kid hands or small adults...$19.99
Most helpful a difference- the FINIS goggles made a big difference (YUUUGE) -without the migraine like headache we usually get after the first 2000 meters...
SO MUCH SO we actually recently altered our superstitious triathlon race 'ritual' and used Finis goggles to race with---
 And as can seen above THE PILE OF THE UNWANTED- many different kinds of goggles-from swims of yore... now relegated to feline toy status.
Holiday Gift Idea for the hardcore swimmer-FINIS custom designed swimsuits-including choice of colors, texts, logos, clip art...etc.

Even UV filtered water takes it chlorine toll- on skin/hair...

One could almost hear the hair angels singing when J.F. Lazartigue-a privately owned (not corporate diluted down) haircare company from France-launched a new collection of superb luscious locks inducing products-the Anti-Aging Hair Care collection (low suds Ultra-Regenerating Washing Cream shampoo, lusciously rich Ultra-Regenerating Conditioner, and award winner-Victoire de la Beauté Pre-Shampoo Ultra-Regenerating Masque  )-joining the other  delicious and deluxe hair shampoos, conditioners, masques, and scalp treatment solutions-good for all hair types...from J.F. Lazartigue...and OF COURSE all made without any damaging filler ingredients (including sodium chlorides, parabens, detergent worthy sulfates etc). Impressive-each of these products have amazingly low pH level-super better for hair-especially in hard water areas. How to use-d the mask-cleanse-condition regimen 2x a week to start- even thin fine hair will feel revitalized...with dry -dehydrated hair courtesy of swimming pools (and cooler temps)--practically reinventing itself into touchable locks. How we used...The Pre Shampoo Mask-gets slathered on from roots-ends...stuffed into a cheap shower cap...and left to stew for about 10 minutes...we then rinse off with our pre-swim shower...and then go to practice...with wet locks preventing too much absorption of pool water. FYI -the regenerative mask -with strengthening collagen, keratin that fortifies hair shafts, moisturizing superstar hyaluronic acid, and nourishing olive butter in the mix...noticeably improved hair texture from dryish hay to finger lovin' softness-plus seemingly blocking out the less than lovely brassiness our hair color used to morph into. For blondes that would be green. Both the conditioner and washing creme-are richly-authentically scented-think real deal vanilla and jasmine-imparting a subtle great hair smell as well as building up hair follicles with powerful anti-oxidant grape seed oil, keratin and collagen. LOVE.

Holiday Gift Idea: HOME SPA ESSENTAIL DUO WITH BANDOLIER OIL SERUM $250 custom care pre-shampoo and oil rich serum in luxury gold packaging worthy of royalty...and certainly queenly locks.

VAN DER HAGEN...a new to us premium all things shaving brand...including generous sized, lightly scented Shave Butter $ one of those for the guys but women will moisturizing shave cream for  facial skin-that softens up whiskers--and leaves behind just enough protection. Gym bag staple worthy-natural emollients like macadamia nut oil+shea, mango and cocoa butters-with an impressive-10% hydrating glycerin content-doubles for other areas that get the razor treatment-likes legs, arms, backs/chests...for athletes who like to keep it all sleek.

HOLIDAY GIFT IDEA: even non-shavers will want this luxe shelf stunner- Van Der Hagen black marble shaving set...a silver tip badger shaving brush and traditional 3-piece double edge razor in hefty metallic stand, with matching shaving bowl-all infused with black marble... with pack of five Van Der Hagen German engineered double edgewise tempered stainless steel blades included. $149.99

Billy Jealousy got genius-y with the ink saving TATTOO SALVE DEFINED $16... imo-faded tattoos are not a good look...and with body markings rampant...this product actually works according to those in the know. For a new tattoo apply a thin layer of this oil rich, vitamin E infused-not irritating salve 3x a day to enhance color-keep it vibrant. Before a swim-a teeny tiny bit atop tattoos...keeps it fresh.
HOLIDAY GIFT IDEA: the MARKED IV LIFE Addicted to Ink Tattoo Care Kit $30-pictured above with specially formulated Tattoo Wash-with glycolic AHA encourages cell turnover, papaya and pineapple extracts-cleanses & exfoliates, and nourishing hydrolyzed oat protein... Tattoo Lotion-with green tea extract protects vs ink discoloring, rosemary leaf oil= hydrates and tones skin color, and grape seed+sea buckthorn oils-hydrate and encourage skin cells to stop the clock, youthful appearance. And how cool is the packaging??? VERY. 

Short of an actual trip to BALI...the JUARA Skincare's provides a tactile tropical mental excursion...and the nicest scrub we have used this decade $38  (for  an 8oz easy to carry in a gym bag plastic jar- pictured-the Coffee & Crème skin exfoliating 'Skin Smoothing Body Ritual'  also includes theCandlenut Body Creme -$58).
Why it's so fab?-Think crushed walnut shells to rid skin of dead cells, gently, micro-circulating improving Sumatra coffee beans, rice bran oils= mega moisturizing, hydrating sulfate free coconut-botanical cleansing -delivering a multi-tasker we use from neck down instead of shower gel/soap -PLUS it imparts a luscious deep vanilla aroma that actually manages to get some of that chlorine smell off skin pores. Magnificent...and bonus- 100% vegetarian, free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, gluten, artificial colorants, and harsh chemicals.
HOLIDAY GIFT IDEA: Or an ideal self-gift idea set sized Juara's Candlenut Obsession Trio $28--all with richly hydrating candlenut oil- that is loaded with skin permeable linolenic and linolenic acid-that naturally mends chapped skin. Bonus the Candlenut Body Polish, Candlenut Hydrating Shower Gel -sulfate free, and Candlenut Body Créme-for on the go-cleansing and nourishing moisturizers- exotically smells like this transporting combo of lush greens, freesia, white jasmine, bergamot and rose...with hint of coconut...that lightly lingers on skin.