Wednesday, October 19, 2016

RECOVERY -STRENGTHEN Athlete Essentials Footwear


Recovery shoes-that cushion-massage the feet and absorb stress- are musts for athletes. Also though -barefoot style-minimalist shoes (running sneakers) - def not for everyone-still are worthy as footwear---for other many humans believe walking barefoot is a great way to strengthen feet-legs.
Close-imo-opting for minimal type shoes for strolls on shock absorbing surfaces like dirt/sand-stress free way to build up those muscles too.

From Earth Runners-a minimalist outdoors sandal very cool. A build your own custom sandal (more or less 'cushioning' options)-is offered-aimed at different outdoor activities...from trail running-to camping-travel-or approach shoe etc. We use ours-vegan model-quick drying rubber with it's custom molded minimalist 8mm Vibram® outsole- as the perfect beach shoe. The fit-(it comes with detailed instructions on how to adjust the non-stretch mil-spec nylon straps)...nicely aligns with our entire foot...and holds-without slippage-via locking buckle...benefit of that-when walking sand-keeps it out the sand...and the sandal stays with you-versus flips flops. $69-$84 
(L-R)Vibram's FUROSHIKI-an Asian inspired neoprene wrap shoe (sides attach via velcro) now come in winter worthy shearling lined -unlined  water repellent neoprene high/mid lengths. Our mid length-neoprene in black (or course)-perfect kick to wear with jogger style pants-there is actually a moisture wicking-slight cushioning footbed-hels when the turf is city sidewalks...and the Megagrip rubber outsole compund-is made for forever durability-grips great on wet surfaces. Great easy style for hanging out -fits like a glove without restrictions. $120-$160
OOFOS flip-flops (pictured- the OOlala sandal $59.95)-are akin to a massage for the feet-made with a patented rubber compound sourced from KOREA-biomechanically engineered to reduce foot stress and soreness for the best recovery shoe out there-it's foam absorbs more shock than traditional foams-noticeably so-IMO. No wonder this brand-has clog and slide styles too-in men's -women's and children sizes. No surprise to us-we had a pair since the company launched --Ooofos-is now found in a lot of runner's-athlete shops and on the the feet of people who spend their days on theirs.
FREEWATERS-THERMA-REST™ memory footbed sandals ( similar tyle-men's Treeline $40)-beefed up flip-flops with style- is a best selling collab based on the cushioning camping foam pads-that have coddled outdoor adventurers for years. Vegan too-the rubber outsole has grooves for grip, polyester webbing comes in geometric graphics and different colors- and arch support too. Ideal the travel sandal for hotter climates-where one's terrain ranges from boardwalk-beach-street concrete, to trail dirt.