Thursday, September 8, 2016

MakeUp In NEW YORK: New Products/Trends 2017


Wanna see the latest in cosmetics...before it even hits the market?

MakeUp in New York is an annual tradeshow-a B to B for  small and large cosmetic companies-and those looking to launch one-had  aisles  of the latest in cosmetics, skin treatments and packaging products-from businesses that cater to the brands-the big and cult favs.

Although this outing of international exhibitors is tiny in size compared to other tradeshows...there was plenty of new products ...exciting fellow attendees-based on convos we had with some attendees on a glorious Manhattan rooftop deck at the West 22nd Street venue.

LOVE THIS-4 in 1 Lip Topping-S&J International-4 different finishes-in one product-matte, glam, shiny, intense stain color-this product reflects the reality that gals nowadays-who are not brand loyal- are already mixing up related products from different labels- for unique personal looks-effects. FUN-made us want to start our own cosmetic line...
There is no doubt-that some of what we saw at the show-will be in the market under various cosmetic brands soon.

Some Highlights:

New textures and formulas galore. Noticeably hydrating foundations and skincare that change on application-like gel to foam oil-to gel AND-including our fav new foundation showed by ITALCOSMETICI of Italy-a creamy gel like mousse foundation-would be packaged in a screw top container (most likely) that went on with our fingers-for a cool hydrating feel-not greasy at all, providing nice sheer-medium coverage-buildable too (we tried) -and dried to a fine powdery matt finish. Fabulous. Good for all skin types...
  ITALCOSMETICI KBS-Bouncy Foundation -comes in customizable colors...
 ITALCOSMETICI  KBS-Natural Mat Foundation
 The same company also showed off a foundation from an airless pump bottle (our preferred method of delivery-prevents contamination imo)... a fluid-demi-fluid foundation -delivering a natural matte finish that def provides just enough coverage -sitting nicely on the skin....we could see dampening a makeup sponge-to smooth this one on.

Lipsticks-from tints, to gloss, to hydrating velvety matte...and stains that last. Also noted-like ombré hair...two tone lip crayon pencils...for deeper shades fading outwards...a look one can also achieve by applying with a finger.
Lock Your Lips by Mascara Plus-high shine-moisturizing-and long lasting
since purportedly-lipstick wearers swallow albs a lipstick a year (yikes)-eco ingredients are very important ...nifty-Food Grade Lip Gloss-Step Cosmetici

KOLMAR-Two-Tone Lip Crayon-fun-ombre effect for lips...
serious pigmented color...velvety-satin finish-Parisian Kiss-Albea Services
sometimes it is the packaging-check out the real 24K Flower Lip Balm-real gold flakes in this clear gloss! SUNZHOU ANTE COSMETICS

Eye shadow metallics go on sheerer----
Baked Special Effects Eyeshadow

Baked Eyeshadow Collection-Cosmetic Group, USA...goes on sheer-durable color won't fade or crease-also moisturizing for nice feel

Cosmetic Group, USA, Inc

Eyeliner pens are delivering cat's eyes with ease-finer and finer points...and from sponsor United Brands...our new everyday double sided pen-a 24 hour wear pen (we have black)...with eyelash treatment, on one end---and a lash treatment sponge applicator -for night (when makeups off)...
United Brands -made in Germany-private label/OEM eyeliner, tattoo, eyebrow, lipliners and lip stains in loads of colors and textures...include this new felt tip applicators...pictured day and night treatment pen...eyeliner with lash serum on one end-24 hour hold and a thin precise line drawn-in black...and...pictured below...the eyelash serum for night-side...
This eyelash treatment-imparts a cool feeling on application-otherwise since it is not liquid with a brush applicator-like other eyelash treatments .hard to tell whether anything is put on...

Eyebrows still a major focus...
Invisible Brow Fix-Gern]man brand FABER-CASTELL...smooth, fix, and groom...formula that is natural in feel...use with color powder or gel-or on its own

Packaging and brushes-espeicailly for the selfie generation wants one handed ease of use-we saw lots of cosmetics of all kinds-lipsticks, eye shadows, foundation-delivered with one a pen form.

gorgeous...Murano Makeup Brushes -Pennellifaro Group

love this-Two in One Multi-Brush by Asadal Beauty= un-twist for angled shorter brush

ONE TOUCH -by Qualipac America..compacts-snap open easily... 

Artist Bubble-has sponge at tip deliver the formula-good for concealer or foundation...we see this already popular in K Beauty products...and imo better than droppers-which we hate as feel it invites contamination into whatever its delivering! ARTIST BUBBLE-Albea Services

Glimmer Silk Sponge Cream-KOUMAR LABORATORIES

Two in one pens, new mascara brushes-that better deliver better...
FSK Korea-hard to tell from the picture-but the brush is kinda flat which allows for delivering mascara close to the roots-professionals we know-have mascara brushes like this...really works too---almost to the point where eliminate the need for eye liner...depending on desired color
Luxury finishes for downright glamorous palettes and boxes-to stand out on retail shelves (or websites)-and emotionally draw in consumers and eco minded, more earth friendly packaging-made from fast growing bamboo or bio degradable or recycled materials-for a population that cares...two trends that are here to stay.
KUM® Professional Cosmetic Pencil Sharpeners-Round Pointe technologies™  Beauty -made in Germany PRECISELY ...amazing shapes -and novelty molds.  
MEDIPHARMA™ AntiBac cosmetic sharpener-great-deals with bacterial infection

Kum® ECO-biodegradable sharpeners...

KUM® Sharpener

K Beauty still comes up with awesome innovations--with snake mucus so last year's 'it' hydrating more earth friendly LENTILS!!!!! For Tony Moly...a brand that makes our fav BB Creme.
Inventive Tae Sung Group-makes a lot of innovative cosmetics and skincare for several popular Korean Brands=this essence like-moisturizer...apply to skin-pat it clean barely there scent.